The Ultimate Diving Mask Guide — The Best Products of 2019

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Divers of all experience levels need the right equipment. Although a diving mask might not seem all that important, it’s one of the crucial pieces of equipment you’ll need. Visibility, maneuverability, and your ability to breathe underwater all depend on it. Many consumers overlook the decision when choosing a new mask. Don’t make this mistake when shopping for diving gear.

You’ll want to choose equipment that’s comfortable, sturdy, and made by a leading manufacturer. Masks and breathing apparatuses should be easy to adjust and fit your face comfortably. Don’t brush off this decision and choose the cheapest dive mask you can find. Visit a local diving shop, try out a few products, and work with professionals to find the right product. Your safety underwater relies on the decision you make when purchasing your equipment, so don’t take it lightly.

Diving Mask Comparison Table

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How to Choose a Diving Mask

When buying a new diving mask, several factors will impact the purchase decision. The most important of these factors are the fit and comfort levels. A diving mask should conform to the face, and shouldn’t be overly tight or too loose. It’s also important to consider the types of lenses when buying these products. The field of view and design features are important aspects to consider as well.

Fit and comfort

Comfort and fit are the most important things to consider when choosing a diving mask. Features like a silicone skirt, strap adjustments, and a split head strap are nice to have. Depending on the budget divers set, and where they buy a new mask, there are several options to consider. If possible, visit a local diving shop to have professional help with the fitting of the new mask.

Single, dual, or multiple lenses

There are single, double, and multiple lens diving masks available. A single lens features a full width making it suitable for an uninterrupted view. A dual lens design keeps volume low inside the mask. It allows owners to position the lens closer to their face. The multiple lenses feature smaller lenses that wrap around the sides of the diving mask. For those looking for the broadest field of view possible, this is the best option.

Field of view

Field of view is another important aspect when buying a new diving mask. This feature refers to visibility in front of, on top, below, and on the side of the diver. Optimizing field of view horizontally and vertically is what people should look for when buying a new mask. The better people can see downward, the easier it is for them to adjust their D-ring and other diving gear.

High vs. low volume diving mask

Consumers should also consider the difference between high and low volume diving when buying a diving mask. Volume refers to the air levels inside the mask. A high volume mask feels open while a low-volume mask sits closer to the face. Comfort levels are important. However, divers also have to consider the depth when deciding on the volume of their new diving mask.

Diving Mask Design

Every diving mask features unique design features. The glass, straps, adjustability, and fit will differ by manufacturer. These are some things to think about when choosing a new mask.

Tempered glass lenses

Tempered glass is suitable for different diving depths. It doesn’t chip or crack underwater and is for diving at varying depths. It also has better resistance to scratching than plastic lenses. The style is even stronger than ordinary glass so it won’t shatter as quickly either.

Silicone skirt and nose pocket protector

The skirt of the mask should adjust to the owner’s face. A high-quality silicone that is flexible is the best option to look for in diving masks. Different products also have different shapes of nose pockets. This feature protects the nose by cushioning it and also helps prevent fogging while diving. The size and shape of the nose pocket should fit divers comfortably, and shouldn’t be overly loose or tight. It increases comfort levels as well as the ability to purge below water.

Purge valves

A purge valve allows divers to clear water that enters the mask inadvertently when exhaling through the nose. This feature makes emptying the mask easy to do in the event of water buildup. It is essential for divers to know how to use it, however, to avoid complications while diving.

How We Compared Diving Masks

We compared several of the top diving mask manufacturers. In addition to considering the top brands, our review considered features, design, and comfort. We also looked at owner reviews of each specific mask we included. Doing this provides consumers a better understanding of the quality and design.

We included diving masks of varying price points as well so that each diver can compare the best products, within their budget, when they’re ready to buy one.

Where to Buy and Average Prices of Diving Masks

Diving masks are available through many retailers. Amazon carries several models and brands. Leisure Pro and Diver’s Direct Store are also a couple of additional sites that carry diving masks. The prices vary because of features, fit, and the manufacturer. 

The Best Diving Masks Available

There are many top name brands available when choosing a new diving mask. These are a few great options to consider when comparing the best products available.


OCTOMASK diving mask

This diving mask features a connection for all GoPro models. It has a soft, silicone skirt, a low volume design, and tempered glass. The silicone strap makes it easy to adjust the mask to fit the wearer’s face easily and comfortably. The low profile design also keeps the mask in place while diving at lower depths.

This product is compatible with diving and snorkeling. It is suitable for deeper diving depths and won’t fog up when diving. It’s a double lens mask, making it ideal for divers who want a full peripheral view of their surroundings.

One reviewer notes that the silicone skirt is too soft, causing the mask to slide underwater. The reviewer also notes that while wearing the GoPro, the mask doesn’t remain on their face comfortably.

The average rating is 3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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Tusa M-1000 Diving Mask

TUSA-M-1001 diving mask

The Tusa mask is available in multiple colors and has a 180-degree field of view range. The large frame with minimal internal volume also keeps clutter out of the mask. It eliminates fogging and allows divers to see their surroundings at deep depths easily.

A round-edge skirt and five-position strap adjuster ensures the highest levels of comfort underwater. The micro-adjustment feature allows owners to adjust the straps to their head size easily. The HD-mask features a single lens construction. A rotational buckle system makes adjustability a cinch while underwater. Tempered glass design prevents shattering or scratching below the surface.

A few reviewers note that water quickly seeps into the mask when they dive. The mask fits comfortably, but it fogs and fills up quickly making it difficult to breathe.

The average rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

ScubaPro Frameless Mask

ScubaPro Frameless diving mask

This single lens mask has a unique design with an adjustable skirt and frameless lens. A comfortable fit and robust quality design guarantees the mask won’t crumble under pressure. There are buckles on the exterior of the mask making it easy to adjust the skirt as necessary.

The mask is light and smaller than those with a frame. This design style makes it easier to clear water if the mask fills up underwater. The frameless design also ensures a snug fit. A wide-split strap provides even tension throughout. The mask doesn’t feel too tight underwater.

Concerns with the fit are something one reviewer notes. They indicate the silicone straps are incredibly tight and painful to adjust while underwater.

The average rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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Divelux Snorkel Mask

DIVELUX Snorkel diving mask

This diving mask features anti-fog and anti-leak protections. Divers can easily adjust the fit, and the 180-degree peripheral view is great for deeper underwater use. There are sizes for adults and children, so proper fit isn’t a concern for consumers.

The full-face mask has a solid construction that is suitable for depths of up to 10 feet. The polycarbonate plastic is hypoallergenic. A snug fit and silicone straps make it easy to adjust the diving mask anywhere.

Although it is anti-fog and anti-leak, reviewers note that the mask fogs and leaks quickly. When snorkeling at depths close to 10 feet, the mask tends to fog up instantly. This limits the range of mobility and visibility while underwater.

The average rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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Atomic Venom Frameless Mask

Atomic Aquatics Venom Frameless diving mask

This mask features an ultra-wide panoramic view and easy to adjust swivel buckle design. The gummi bear silicone straps fit the face comfortably and don’t slide off underwater. The mask has a single lens design, and a reinforced internal frame. A wide viewing angle provides distortion-free visibility below water.

Ultra clear lenses ensure the highest visibility levels, regardless of how deep owners go. The silicone reinforces the mask around the face to prevent water and fog buildup from occurring. The Venom frameless design is comfortable and remains in position in rough underwater conditions.

A few reviewers indicate that the mask leaks and fogs up quickly when they’re underwater. This flaw limits visibility and makes it difficult to wear the mask while diving.

The average rating is 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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Aqua Lung Infinity Mask

Aqua lung Infinity diving mask

The close-to-eyes design increases the frame of view when wearing this diving mask. It provides excellent coverage when looking up and downward below water. It features cardanic joint buckles that rotate up and down. This design ensures a pinch-free fit.

The optical quality and polymer finish help divers see clearly in any light conditions. The push-activation design ensures the mask remains in place, regardless of diving depths. Comfortable silicone straps help keep the diving mask in place and provide high levels of comfort.

Some reviewers indicate that leaking does occur. They also suggest that the mask is well-made, but it might not fit all people comfortably. They advise consumers to try on the mask before purchasing it.

The average rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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Ocean Reef Neptune Space G.Divers IDM Plus GSM G.Divers

The Ultimate Diving Mask Guide — The Best Products of 2019

This diving mask is available in two sizes. The patented face skirt is molded from silicone rubber and features a spring profile. Combined with the bellows style face skirt, the spring profile creates a larger space inside the mask compared to other brands. This allows for a comfortable fit while remaining supportive. The head strap attaches directly to the face shield, which allows equal distribution around the mask skirt, enhancing your comfort. There’s also an integrated, balanced 2nd stage regulator.The Ocean Reef Neptune mask features an easy to use communication system. The wireless transceiver unit lasts for up to 30 hours and has a range of approximately 200 to 250 meters. Simple push-button operation makes it easy to use. It operates on a single channel frequency that’s compatible with other Ocean Reef communication devices.Six rubber straps on the head harness hold the mask in place, meaning no leaking water during your dive. Each tip on the strap is wide, allowing you to grab and manipulate them with ease. This mask also features a fast rotating buckle (FRB II) that allows you to to take the mask on and off quickly. The streamlined visor is made of polycarbonate, allowing more light into the mask to help you see. It’s also wider and sits closer to the face, which helps you see even more, especially in the peripheral area. In the event something happens to your mask, it is covered by a 24-month limited warranty.The average rating for this mask is 5.0 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. Reviewers state this mask is superior to the older model, praising the tight seal around the mask.

Cressi Liberty Diving Mask

Cressi Perfect View Scuba diving mask

This three-window mask features a tempered glass and low-volume design for a clear view. It is great for both snorkeling and scuba diving. The skirt and strap are 100 percent silicone for a comfortable fit on the head and face.

A one-handed nose pocket ensures easy access and adjustability. The swivel, strap-push buttons are also easy to adjust to the perfect comfort levels.

Reviewers indicate the quality of the diving mask is excellent. However, the fit of the nose piece is a little uncomfortable. They also note that pinching the buttons to adjust the straps is a bit difficult to do.

The average ratings are 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Best Budget and Best Overall Diving Mask

Divers of all skill levels should invest in a quality diving mask. Comfort and fit are prominent features divers should focus on finding. However, a reputable brand name and usability features are also important in the decision-making process.

The best budget diving mask is the Divelux Snorkel mask. It features a 180-degree rotational wide angle view. It has anti-fog and anti-leak protection. The product also includes a long ventilation pipe for snorkelers to feel comfortable when reaching deeper depths. The watertight design allows you to breathe easily underwater without worrying about the mask moving while diving.

The best overall diving mask is the Ocean Reef Neptune Space G.Divers IDM Plus GSM G.Divers. It includes the full mask as well as a second stage regulator. The low-pressure hose helps divers breathe easily in deeper depths. It has an integrated balance diving regulator and adjustable full-knob control. The silicone straps and siding help keep the mask in place when diving. For those who can afford it, this high-quality mask features all the essentials for deep sea diving.

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