The Junk Liveaboard

The Junk Liveaboard

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Dive into a world of aquatic adventure while enjoying the charm of historic sailing aboard The Junk Liveaboard.

Whether you’re a seasoned diver seeking the thrill of the underwater landscapes in Thailand, or simply a sea-faring enthusiast drawn to the allure of a traditional sailing experience, you’re in for a treat.

Let me help you navigate what this unique liveaboard has to offer. Prepare to be enchanted and excited, as we set sail on a journey of a lifetime.

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Liveaboard Luxury – The Junk

Experience Thailand’s underwater wonders aboard The Junk Liveaboard, a unique vessel offering top-tier amenities and unparalleled dive experiences. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind aquatic adventure; click “Learn More” today.

  • Rich maritime history with modern comforts
  • Diverse dive sites featuring exotic marine life
  • Tailored trips for both novice and seasoned divers
The Junk Liveaboard
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Overview of The Junk Liveaboard

Set sail for an extraordinary adventure aboard The Junk Liveaboard, a unique dive vessel steeped in history and equipped with modern-day comforts. Named after its traditional Chinese junk-style design, The Junk Liveaboard provides a distinctive setting for divers to explore the underwater wonders of Thailand. With its remarkable character and top-notch services, you’re about to discover why The Junk Liveaboard is one of the most memorable dive liveaboards out there.

1. Cabins on The Junk Liveaboard

Once a real teakwood junk, The Junk Liveaboard now houses six fully air-conditioned cabins that can accommodate up to 18 guests.

These cabins include:

  • 2 private double bed cabins
  • 2 three-berth cabins
  • 2 four-berth cabins

Each cabin has its own en-suite bathroom, and for those who value privacy, the three and four-berth cabins can be booked as private doubles.

2. Communal Rooms

The Junk Liveaboard offers comfortable communal areas that are perfect for relaxation and socialization. The indoor saloon is a spacious area where meals are served and where divers can enjoy a variety of entertainment options, such as movies, books, and board games.

There’s also an open-air dining area on deck where you can enjoy your meals while taking in the breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea.

3. Dive Deck

The dive deck on The Junk Liveaboard is spacious and well-equipped. You’ll find ample storage space for your gear, as well as rinse tanks and fresh water showers. To help you capture the best underwater shots, there’s also a dedicated camera table with charging stations for your devices.

With experienced dive staff on hand to ensure smooth dive operations, you’re in for some amazing diving experiences.

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Pros and Cons

Before embarking on your journey aboard The Junk Liveaboard, it’s important to weigh its strengths and considerations.

Here’s a succinct overview of the pros and cons associated with this unique dive vessel:

Pros Cons
Traditional Chinese junk-style design adds a unique historical charm Limited number of private double cabins, which may require early booking
All cabins come with en-suite bathrooms and air-conditioning Limited onboard entertainment options compared to larger vessels
Spacious dive deck with ample storage and a dedicated camera station No Nitrox available on board
Provides access to diverse dive sites in Thailand, including Similan and Surin Islands Peak seasons may be crowded
Experienced and friendly crew known for exceptional service  
All meals included with a variety of cuisines  

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Marine Life in Thailand

Prepare to be thrilled! Diving in Thailand aboard The Junk Liveaboard is a gateway to an underwater paradise filled with an impressive array of marine life. Imagine gliding alongside majestic manta rays, observing reef sharks in their natural habitat, or being charmed by the playful clownfish amongst the corals.

Let’s explore some of the captivating creatures you’re likely to encounter in Thailand’s crystalline waters.

Marine Species Description
Manta Rays With their large wing-like pectoral fins, mantas are a sight to behold. Encounters are frequent in areas like Koh Bon and Richelieu Rock.
Whale Sharks These gentle giants are a diver’s dream. Keep an eye out for them in the waters of Richelieu Rock and Hin Daeng.
Reef Sharks Commonly found in Thai waters, these predators add a thrilling element to dives.
Moray Eels Peek into the crevices of rocks and corals, and you might spot the unmistakable face of a moray eel.
Clownfish Thailand’s coral reefs are home to these charming and colorful little creatures, famous for their symbiotic relationship with anemones.

Dive sites in Thailand are teeming with life, and the diversity is truly staggering. From tiny macro critters to large pelagic species, the variety of marine life you can encounter is one of the reasons diving aboard The Junk Liveaboard is such an extraordinary experience.

Specifications for The Junk Liveaboard

Navigating Thailand’s waters aboard The Junk Liveaboard is more than just an adventurous diving experience—it’s a journey steeped in history and charm. With its traditional Chinese junk-style design, this distinctive vessel is a floating piece of history. Offering modern comforts amidst its classic allure, it’s no surprise that The Junk Liveaboard is favored by many divers and sea adventurers.

Let’s delve into some key specifications of The Junk Liveaboard:

Feature Specification
Length 33 meters
Breadth 8.5 meters
Cabins 6 air-conditioned cabins with en-suite bathrooms
Capacity 18 guests
Crew 10 members including 2 dive guides
Engine Hino Ek 100
Navigation and Safety GPS, sounder, mobile phones, radios, life rafts, life jackets, firefighting equipment, first aid kits
Amenities Indoor saloon, open-air dining area, sun deck, camera table with charging points

Safety measures

Your safety is our utmost priority on The Junk Liveaboard. From pre-dive checks to advanced medical kits, The Junk is fully equipped to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable dive experience. Let’s look at some of the key safety measures put in place aboard this vessel:

  • Experienced Dive Guides: The Junk employs highly skilled dive professionals who not only know the dive sites well but also are trained to handle emergencies.
  • Safety Briefings: Every dive starts with a thorough safety briefing to ensure all divers are aware of the dive plan and safety procedures.
  • Dive Equipment Checks: Regular equipment checks are carried out to ensure everything is in top working order.
  • Emergency Oxygen and First Aid Kits: The Junk is equipped with emergency oxygen and comprehensive first aid kits, ready for any emergency situations.
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans: The crew is trained in emergency evacuation procedures, ensuring prompt response in case of emergencies.

With these safety measures in place, you can dive in confidence knowing that you’re in capable hands on The Junk Liveaboard.

When to Go

If you’re wondering when the best time is to embark on a journey aboard The Junk Liveaboard, there’s no simple answer—it depends on what you want to see. Thailand’s marine life changes throughout the year, and each season has its unique allure. Here are some timeframes to consider:

  • October to April: This is generally the high season for diving in Thailand. The seas are calm, and visibility is excellent. This is also the best time to spot manta rays and whale sharks.
  • May to October: While this is considered the low season due to the monsoon, some divers prefer this time due to fewer crowds. The dive sites are serene, and there’s still plenty of marine life to be seen.

Regardless of the time you choose, diving aboard the Junk Liveaboard offers a thrilling exploration of Thailand’s underwater world.

Reviews of the Junk Liveaboard

The following reviews come directly from divers who’ve had the pleasure of exploring Thailand’s underwater beauty aboard the Junk Liveaboard. These first-hand accounts capture the essence of what it’s like to journey on this unique liveaboard.

“Best Liveaboard Experience Yet!” – Amy, Dive Instructor

“This was my third liveaboard experience, and the Junk outdid them all! The mix of rustic charm and modern comforts set a new standard for me. The dive guides were knowledgeable and put safety first. The food was a delicious mix of Thai and international cuisines. I was impressed by the comfortable cabins and communal spaces—perfect for relaxation after diving. Definitely a trip I’ll never forget!”

“Amazing Dive Vacation!” – Tom, Experienced Diver

“I was deciding between a few different liveaboards, but I’m so glad I chose the Junk. The crew was friendly and professional, and the dive sites were stunning. Seeing a manta ray up close was the highlight of my trip! Plus, the unique design and history of the boat itself added an extra layer of excitement to the journey. I can’t wait to come back!”

“First Liveaboard, Exceeded Expectations” – Sara, Novice Diver

“I was a little nervous about my first liveaboard, but The Junk made it an amazing experience. The crew was supportive and patient, making me feel safe during every dive. I was able to improve my diving skills while exploring beautiful marine life. The food was great, the cabin cozy, and the sun deck views were just breathtaking. A fantastic introduction to the liveaboard experience!”

Booking and Pricing for the Junk Liveaboard

Booking your dream dive vacation on the Junk Liveaboard is straightforward. Follow these simple steps to secure your underwater adventure:

  • Visit The Junk Liveaboard’s official website or trusted dive travel agencies.
  • Check the available dates and choose one that fits your schedule.
  • Select the cabin type you prefer.
  • Fill in the necessary personal and payment details.
  • Look out for a confirmation email once your booking is successfully processed.

Now, let’s talk about pricing. The cost of your journey aboard The Junk Liveaboard will depend on factors such as the season, the type of cabin you choose, and the duration of your trip.

It’s important to keep in mind that prices may be higher during peak diving seasons due to increased demand. Here’s a brief summary of the pricing:

Season Cabin Type Price (per person)
Low Season (May – October) Double Bed Cabin $1,100
High Season (November – April) Double Bed Cabin $1,300
Low Season (May – October) Twin Bed Cabin $1,000
High Season (November – April) Twin Bed Cabin $1,200

Remember, these prices include accommodation, meals, and diving services. Extra charges may apply for additional services such as equipment rental and nitrox fills.

The Junk Liveaboard FAQs

I’m new to liveaboard diving. What should I expect on the Junk Liveaboard?

Welcome to the exciting world of liveaboard diving! The Junk Liveaboard provides a fully inclusive service, with comfortable accommodations, delicious meals, and guided dive sessions. You’ll experience the beauty of diving in Thailand while enjoying the convenience of having everything you need onboard. Remember, our experienced dive guides are always ready to assist and provide briefings to ensure a memorable and safe dive experience.

As a seasoned diver, how does the Junk Liveaboard compare to other liveaboards?

The Junk Liveaboard stands out with its unique blend of rich history, top-notch amenities, and access to stunning dive sites. Our experienced crew offers personalized service, and the smaller group sizes allow for more intimate and flexible diving experiences. Plus, our dedication to conservation and sustainable practices set us apart from many other liveaboards.

How many passengers can the Junk Liveaboard accommodate?

The Junk Liveaboard can comfortably accommodate up to 18 guests. We have six cabins, each designed to provide comfort and privacy after a day of diving. Our communal spaces are spacious and cozy, perfect for relaxing and sharing stories with fellow divers.

What kind of marine life can I expect to see while diving in Thailand with the Junk Liveaboard?

Diving in Thailand offers a wealth of marine life. Depending on the season and specific dive sites, you may encounter manta rays, whale sharks, various species of turtles, and a dazzling array of tropical fish. Not to mention the stunning coral gardens that make Thailand’s underwater landscape so famous.


Whether you’re a seasoned diver or just beginning your underwater journey, the Junk Liveaboard offers a unique, immersive experience.

With its rich history, impressive amenities, and unrivaled access to Thailand’s most breathtaking dive sites, it’s no wonder this liveaboard stands out.

Rest assured that when you choose the Junk, you’re signing up for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that combines adventure, relaxation, and a deep appreciation for the ocean’s wonders.

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