Stella Maris Explorer Liveaboard

Stella Maris Explorer Liveaboard

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As an ardent lover of the sea, the Stella Maris Explorer has managed to capture my heart. The sheer volume of exotic marine life that you get to see on each dive is mind-boggling, and the comfort and service onboard the vessel are simply top-notch.

It’s the kind of adventure that makes you want to dive into the deep blue again and again. But don’t just take my word for it.

Come aboard the Stella Maris Explorer and experience the majesty of the Philippines’ underwater world for yourself.

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Liveaboard Luxury – Stella Maris Explorer

Dive into the serene depths of the Philippines aboard the Stella Maris Explorer, a liveaboard known for its top-notch comfort, service, and amazing marine encounters. With a professional crew and diverse dive sites, your underwater adventure awaits.

  • Unforgettable diving experiences with vibrant marine life
  • Spacious cabins equipped with modern comforts
  • Expertly prepared meals catering to various dietary needs
Stella Maris Explorer Liveaboard
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Overview of the Stella Maris Explorer

Pack your bags, grab your diving gear, and prepare for an unparalleled journey! The Stella Maris Explorer offers the ultimate liveaboard experience in the Philippines. It’s a floating resort that combines the thrill of scuba diving with luxurious comfort.

1. Cabins on the Stella Maris Explorer

Imagine this: after an exhilarating day of diving, you retire to a spacious cabin with all the amenities of a luxury hotel room. Each of the Stella Maris Explorer’s 8 cabins is tastefully designed with your comfort in mind. Enjoy air-conditioned rooms with en-suite bathrooms, providing privacy and relaxation. Each cabin offers ample storage space for personal belongings and a comfortable bed that promises a good night’s sleep.

  • Cozy twin cabins for solo travellers or those who prefer separate beds
  • Double bed cabins perfect for couples
  • Deluxe cabins for those looking for a touch more luxury

2. Communal Rooms

When you’re not exploring the ocean depths, the communal areas of the Stella Maris Explorer provide ample opportunities to relax and socialize. The large, air-conditioned salon is equipped with comfortable seating and entertainment options like a TV and DVD player. The dining area serves delicious meals prepared by the onboard chef, catering to various dietary requirements.

A top-deck lounge area allows guests to bask in the sun, read a book, or simply enjoy the stunning ocean views. And with the bar serving refreshing drinks, there’s no better place to unwind after a long day of diving.

3. Dive Deck

But let’s not forget why we’re here: the diving! The spacious dive deck on the Stella Maris Explorer is designed for your comfort and convenience.

  • Easy access to the water from the dive platform
  • Individual storage space for your dive gear
  • Dedicated camera tables for underwater photographers
  • Nitrox available for enriched air divers

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Pros and Cons of the Stella Maris Explorer

Pros Cons
Spacious and comfortable cabins Limited internet access
Wide range of dive sites covered Cabins can fill quickly during peak seasons
Professional and friendly crew Some destinations may not be accessible in off-season
Variety in meal options catering to all diets  
Expert-led dive briefings and assistance  

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Marine Life in the Philippines

The Philippines, an archipelago with over 7,000 islands, is a diver’s paradise. Imagine swimming through crystal clear waters, surrounded by vibrant coral reefs teeming with an abundance of marine life. The biodiversity in the Philippines is astonishing, and the Stella Maris Explorer takes you right into the heart of it all.

Here’s a peek into what you can expect to encounter:

Marine Life Description
Whale Sharks The gentle giants of the sea, Whale Sharks are often sighted in Donsol and Oslob.
Thresher Sharks Malapascua Island is the only place in the world where you can reliably see Thresher Sharks, known for their long tail fins.
Manta Rays These graceful creatures are a sight to behold as they glide through the water. Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park is a popular spot for Manta Ray sightings.
Nudibranchs The Philippines is home to countless species of these colorful sea slugs, a macro photographer’s dream come true.
Pygmy Seahorses Tiny and well-camouflaged, these creatures are a testament to the diversity and richness of the Philippine marine ecosystem.
Schooling Fish Experience the thrill of diving amongst massive schools of Jacks, Barracudas, and Sardines.

Specifications for Stella Maris Explorer

The Stella Maris Explorer is a remarkable vessel meticulously designed for liveaboard diving experiences. As a diver, it’s not just about the marine life you’ll encounter, but also about the vessel that facilitates these unforgettable journeys.

The Stella Maris Explorer boasts a blend of functionality, comfort, and safety, which sets it apart in the world of liveaboard diving.

Below are the key specifications for the Stella Maris Explorer:

Specification Details
Length 36 meters
Breadth 7.3 meters
Cruising Speed 10 knots
Cabins 10 air-conditioned cabins with private bathrooms
Guests 21 max
Crew 12 (including 3 dive guides)
Engines 2 Mitsubishi S6R2-MPTK 1000hp
Generators 2 x 135 KVA
Water Capacity 20,000 liters
Fuel Capacity 40,000 liters
Nitrox Available on board

Safety Measures

Embarking on a liveaboard diving experience is thrilling, but your safety should always come first. On the Stella Maris Explorer, rest assured that every possible measure is taken to ensure the well-being of every guest on board.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

  • Experienced Crew: The crew aboard the Stella Maris Explorer are highly trained and experienced, prepared to handle any situation that might arise.
  • Life-Saving Equipment: The vessel is fully equipped with essential life-saving equipment, including life jackets, fire extinguishers, and life rafts.
  • Medical Supplies: A comprehensive first aid kit and oxygen are always on hand to address any potential medical issues.
  • Safety Briefings: Comprehensive safety briefings are conducted before every dive to ensure all divers are aware of best practices and emergency protocols.
  • Emergency Procedures: A clearly defined set of emergency procedures is in place, which the crew is well-versed in.

Your safety is a top priority aboard the Stella Maris Explorer. You can focus on the thrill of the dive, secure in the knowledge that you’re in capable hands.

When to Go

While diving in the Philippines is available all year round, certain periods might offer even better conditions.

Here are the best times to book your trip aboard the Stella Maris Explorer:

  • December to March: This is when the water is at its clearest, providing excellent visibility for your underwater adventures.
  • April to June: This period is known for its calm seas and warm waters, perfect for diving.
  • July to November: While this is the rainy season, many divers still prefer these months because of the increased chances to spot certain species like thresher sharks and manta rays.

Remember, the Philippines’ marine life is diverse and abundant, ensuring an unforgettable diving experience regardless of the time you choose to visit.

Reviews of the Stella Maris Explorer

Take it from the people who’ve been there. Here are reviews from actual divers who have enjoyed the Stella Maris Explorer liveaboard experience.

  • Martin, 32, Experienced Diver, UK: “Stella Maris Explorer exceeded my expectations. The diving spots were out of this world, with fantastic visibility and abundant marine life. The crew was friendly and attentive, ensuring our safety and comfort at all times. This was my third liveaboard experience, and it was by far the best.”
  • Laura, 28, Beginner Diver, USA: “As a newbie diver, I was a bit apprehensive about a liveaboard trip. But the Stella Maris team was incredibly supportive, providing detailed briefings and guiding us through each dive. I was blown away by the underwater sights and felt comfortable throughout the trip. Highly recommended for first-timers!”
  • Johannes, 45, Advanced Diver, Germany: “I’ve been on several liveaboards around the world, and Stella Maris ranks among the top. The food was delicious, the cabins were comfortable, and the dive sites in the Philippines were breathtaking. Saw an amazing variety of marine life, including a school of jackfish and a couple of reef sharks. An unforgettable experience!”

Booking and Pricing

Booking a trip aboard the Stella Maris Explorer is a simple process designed to get you ready for your underwater adventure as quickly as possible.

Here’s a brief overview of the booking process:

  • Visit the official Stella Maris Explorer website or a reputable liveaboard booking platform.
  • Choose your desired dates and cabin.
  • Fill out the necessary information, such as dietary preferences and diving experience.
  • Complete the booking by paying either the full amount or a deposit, based on the terms and conditions.

The pricing for the Stella Maris Explorer varies based on factors such as the season, the chosen cabin, and the duration of the trip. However, here’s a general idea of what you can expect:

Season Standard Cabin (per person) Deluxe Cabin (per person)
Low Season $2,300 $2,600
High Season $2,600 $2,900

These prices include accommodation, meals, diving activities, and airport transfers. Additional costs, such as equipment rental and Nitrox, may apply.

Stella Maris Explorer FAQs

1. I’m new to liveaboards, what should I pack for a trip on the Stella Maris Explorer?

As a newbie, packing for a liveaboard can be exciting and a bit daunting. You’ll want to pack light, but make sure you include essential dive gear (unless you plan to rent), swimsuits, light clothing for tropical weather, sun protection, and any personal items you may need. It’s also a good idea to bring a book or download movies for your downtime.

2. I’ve been on several liveaboard trips before, how does Stella Maris Explorer compare to other liveaboards?

The Stella Maris Explorer is recognized for its spacious and comfortable cabins, excellent cuisine, and professional dive guides. With a strong focus on safety and a commitment to providing an unrivaled diving experience, it holds a competitive edge in the liveaboard market. Its itineraries also include some of the most diverse and abundant marine life locations in the Philippines.

3. What amenities does Stella Maris Explorer offer?

The Stella Maris Explorer is well-equipped to provide a comfortable and memorable trip. Amenities include air-conditioned cabins with private bathrooms, a spacious dining area, a lounge with a TV and DVD player, and a large dive deck. The sundeck with sun loungers is a favorite spot for relaxation between dives.

4. What can I expect from diving in the Philippines?

The Philippines is a diver’s paradise, boasting a rich marine biodiversity. From exploring colorful coral gardens to drifting along walls and encountering various marine species such as turtles, barracudas, and a variety of reef fish, divers can expect a thrilling underwater adventure. Certain sites also offer opportunities to spot rare creatures like thresher sharks and pygmy seahorses. Always check the specific itinerary of your trip for exact dive site details.

Final Take

Navigating through the Philippines’ vibrant marine landscapes aboard the Stella Maris Explorer is nothing short of extraordinary. This liveaboard experience is a harmonious blend of excitement, comfort, and unparalleled service. Divers, whether new or seasoned, can expect an incredible journey that’s enhanced by the experienced and friendly crew.

The well-appointed cabins, communal rooms, and expansive dive deck strike a balance between functionality and comfort. Not to mention, the tantalizing cuisine adds a layer of indulgence to your journey.

The Stella Maris Explorer liveaboard is not just a trip—it’s a profound experience that leaves a lasting imprint on its guests.

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