Seadoors Liveaboard

Seadoors Liveaboard

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Hello ocean lovers! I’m happy to share with you the immersive experience of the Seadoors Liveaboard, a hidden gem sailing through the vibrant, fish-filled waters of the Philippines.

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Liveaboard Luxury – Seadoors

Experience the thrill of diving in the Philippines aboard the Seadoors Liveaboard. The boat’s unique routes and commitment to personalized service promise an unforgettable adventure.

  • Specializes in unique, less crowded dive routes
  • Strong focus on eco-friendly, sustainable diving
  • Perfect for underwater photography with a dedicated room
Seadoors Liveaboard
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Overview of the Seadoors Liveaboard

The allure of the Philippines’ underwater paradise is perfectly complemented by the unique and stunning experience of the Seadoors Liveaboard. This liveaboard vessel brings divers closer to the best diving spots, while offering a top-tier experience of comfort, convenience, and adventure. Let’s delve into the incredible features that make the Seadoors Liveaboard a prime choice for your diving escapades.

1. Cabins on the Seadoors Liveaboard

The Seadoors Liveaboard is designed for comfort, with a total of 8 cabins that can accommodate up to 16 guests. Each cabin features:

  • Climate control for your comfort
  • Private bathrooms for utmost convenience
  • Sea-view windows for a breathtaking glimpse of the ocean
  • Comfortable beds for a restful sleep

2. Communal Rooms

The Seadoors Liveaboard is more than just a diving vessel. It’s a home on the sea where you can relax and socialize. The communal areas include:

  • A spacious dining room where meals are served
  • A lounge area equipped with an entertainment system for leisure time
  • An open sundeck where you can sunbathe or watch the sun set over the horizon

3. Dive Deck

The Seadoors Liveaboard stands out with a well-equipped, spacious dive deck that includes:

  • Personal gear lockers for safe storage of your diving equipment
  • A camera table with charging points for underwater photography enthusiasts
  • Two tenders for convenient, quick access to the best diving spots

Everything is designed for your convenience, so you can focus on what matters most – diving into the vibrant underwater world of the Philippines.

Our detailed guide on Philippines liveaboard diving offers insider tips on the best liveaboard experiences in the archipelago.

Check out this amazing video on the Seadoors Liveaboard.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Offers unique and less crowded dive routes Limited to 16 guests, which might require early booking
Excellent personalized service due to small guest-to-staff ratio No solo cabins, might be a con for solo travelers
Eco-friendly initiatives for sustainable diving Might be slightly pricier due to its unique features and routes
Dedicated room for underwater photographers  
High safety standards and modern facilities  

Embarking on a liveaboard diving experience could be the adventure of a lifetime. Discover how to get started.

Marine Life in the Philippines

The aquatic allure of the Philippines isn’t just about the crystal clear waters and the kaleidoscope of reefs, it’s the teeming biodiversity below the surface that makes it a bucket-list destination for divers.

With the Seadoors Liveaboard, you have a golden opportunity to discover a world beneath the waves that’s brimming with life and vibrancy.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

Marine Species Description
Thresher Shark Catch a thrilling sight of the elusive Thresher Shark, especially around Malapascua Island.
Barracuda Known for their fearsome appearance, these powerful fish are a common sight in the Philippines’ waters.
Sea Turtles Experience the tranquility of swimming alongside these graceful creatures.
Manta Rays Witness the majestic Manta Rays gliding effortlessly through the waters.
Colorful Reef Fish An abundance of tropical reef fish, in every color imaginable, await in the vibrant coral gardens.
Pygmy Seahorses A delight for macro-lovers, these tiny creatures are a charming sight.

Remember, every dive site holds its own charm and the potential for unexpected encounters. The waters around Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are especially renowned for their thriving marine life and biodiversity.

Specifications for Seadoors Liveaboard

Embarking on an underwater adventure requires a vessel that you can trust. Enter the Seadoors Liveaboard, a modern dive boat with a host of amenities to ensure a comfortable journey as you explore the wonders of the deep.

Sleek design, state-of-the-art facilities, and safety protocols make Seadoors your home away from home, and your passport to the underwater treasures of the Philippines.

Here are some key specifications of Seadoors Liveaboard:

Specifications Details
Length 25 meters
Beam 6.5 meters
Cabins 8 air-conditioned cabins with ensuite bathrooms
Guests Up to 16 guests
Engine 2 Yanmar engines, 500 HP each
Cruise Speed 10 knots
Navigation GPS, Radar, Depth Sounder
Safety Life Rafts, Life Vests, First Aid Kit, Oxygen, Fire Alarm & Fire Extinguishers
Diving Facilities Nitrox, 20 Tanks, 2 Compressors, Rental Dive Gear

Beyond these specifications, Seadoors Liveaboard also prides itself on a friendly and knowledgeable crew, delectable cuisine, and spacious, comfortable communal areas.

Safety Measures

Ensuring safety on a liveaboard is paramount. With Seadoors Liveaboard, the crew is dedicated to making your diving expedition a smooth and secure experience. With rigorous safety protocols in place and well-equipped facilities, rest assured your adventure into the vibrant underwater realm will be safe and enjoyable.

  • Well-trained Crew: Seadoors Liveaboard crew members are trained in first aid and emergency rescue procedures.
  • Emergency Safety Equipment: The liveaboard is equipped with life rafts, life vests, first aid kits, oxygen, fire alarm, and fire extinguishers.
  • Regular Safety Drills: Regular drills are conducted to ensure the crew is well-prepared for any possible emergencies.
  • Navigation and Communication Devices: The boat is fitted with state-of-the-art GPS, Radar, and Depth Sounder for safe navigation.
  • Dive Buddy System: Divers are encouraged to dive in pairs for additional safety.

When to Go

There’s never a wrong time to go diving in the Philippines. Yet, certain times of the year can elevate your experience, enhancing visibility and providing more opportunities to encounter a wide variety of marine life.

Let’s delve into the best times to plan your trip aboard the Seadoors Liveaboard.

  • Dry Season (November to May): The dry season offers excellent visibility and calmer waters, making it a perfect time for divers of all experience levels. The temperature ranges between 79°F and 90°F.
  • Wet Season (June to October): Although this season sees more rainfall, it’s also the time when the ocean teems with plankton, attracting large marine creatures like whale sharks and manta rays.
  • Peak Season (December to March): If you’re looking to avoid crowds, it might be best to avoid the peak season, although this is when the weather conditions are usually at their best.

Remember, Seadoors Liveaboard operates year-round, so you can plan your trip according to your preferences and convenience.

Reviews of Seadoors Liveaboard

Delving into the underwater realm aboard Seadoors Liveaboard is an experience that leaves every diver breathless.

Review 1 – The Experienced Diver

As a seasoned diver, I have experienced numerous liveaboards, but Seadoors tops the list. The dives were meticulously planned, and the crew was always at hand with help and advice. The marine biodiversity left me in awe, and the well-maintained equipment made the dives smooth. A must-try for every diving enthusiast.

Review 2 – The Novice Diver

I was a bit nervous as a new diver, but the Seadoors Liveaboard crew made me feel safe and comfortable. The guides were extremely patient, providing precise instructions and ensuring my safety throughout the dive. Seeing the coral reefs and a multitude of marine life was an unforgettable experience.

Review 3 – The Luxury Seeker

From the spacious cabins to the delectable cuisine, everything about Seadoors Liveaboard screams luxury. The boat’s amenities coupled with the breathtaking beauty of the Philippines’ marine life made my trip a dream come true. I can’t wait for my next voyage aboard Seadoors.

Booking and Pricing

Securing your spot aboard the luxurious Seadoors Liveaboard is a seamless process. From choosing your desired package to making your payment, each step is user-friendly and hassle-free.

  • Visit the Seadoors Liveaboard website: Start your booking process by browsing through the comprehensive information about the packages available, which includes details about the number of days, the dive sites covered, and cabin availability.
  • Choose a package: Decide on the package that best fits your schedule and diving preferences.
  • Enter your details: You’ll need to provide some basic information to ensure your spot on the liveaboard.
  • Make a payment: After reviewing all the details, proceed to secure your booking by making a payment. Various secure payment options are available for your convenience.

As you embark on this mesmerizing underwater journey, we understand that pricing is a key factor. Pricing varies based on the chosen package, the season, and the type of accommodation you opt for.

Here’s a brief snapshot to give you an idea:

Package Season Cabin Type Price
7-Day Dive Package Peak Deluxe $2200
7-Day Dive Package Off-peak Deluxe $2000
5-Day Dive Package Peak Standard $1500
5-Day Dive Package Off-peak Standard $1300

Bear in mind that peak season usually coincides with the best visibility and a greater variety of marine life sightings.

Seadoors Liveaboard FAQs

I’ve never been on a liveaboard before. What should I expect on the Seadoors Liveaboard?

For first-time liveaboard divers, you’re in for a treat! On the Seadoors Liveaboard, you can expect top-notch service, cozy accommodations, delectable cuisine, and of course, mesmerizing dive experiences. Each day consists of multiple dives, leisure time, and opportunities to connect with other divers.

As a seasoned diver, I’ve been on several liveaboards. Why should I choose the Seadoors Liveaboard?

The Seadoors Liveaboard stands out for its unique routes, focusing on less-visited yet equally stunning dive sites in the Philippines. Additionally, its small guest-to-staff ratio ensures personalized service, and the boat’s eco-friendly initiatives contribute to sustainable diving practices.

Can you provide some general information about the Seadoors Liveaboard?

The Seadoors Liveaboard is a modern, 25-meter vessel equipped with all the facilities a diver could need. With 8 comfortable cabins accommodating up to 16 guests, it ensures an intimate and personalized diving experience. The liveaboard is also renowned for its appetizing food offerings and dedicated camera room for underwater photographers.

What can I expect when diving in the Philippines with the Seadoors Liveaboard?

Diving in the Philippines is truly a unique experience. The country’s vast biodiversity means you’ll encounter a wide range of marine life, from tiny critters to large pelagics. The Seadoors Liveaboard specifically travels to less crowded yet fascinating dive sites, providing a more exclusive diving experience.


In essence, the Seadoors Liveaboard provides an unforgettable diving adventure in the Philippine waters, giving you a perfect blend of comfort, service, and marine exploration. Its unique features, specialized routes, and high safety standards make it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced divers looking for something special in their next dive vacation.

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