Resolute Liveaboard

Resolute Liveaboard

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Howdy, friends! Ever dreamt of sailing the sapphire seas, diving into the deep, and bedding down on a floating haven?

Then allow me to introduce you to the Resolute Liveaboard, your perfect partner for an unforgettable marine adventure. It’s more than just a boat, folks, it’s a luxury diving home that will make the vibrant heart of the Philippines your very own underwater playground.

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Liveaboard Luxury – Resolute

Experience the exhilarating thrill of diving in the Philippines aboard the luxurious Resolute Liveaboard. With a variety of dive itineraries and top-tier service, this liveaboard offers an unmatched aquatic adventure.

  • Year-round diving itineraries
  • Experienced, dive-savvy crew
  • Comfy, cozy cabins
Resolute Liveaboard
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Overview of the Resolute Liveaboard

Ahoy, ocean adventurers! Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the majestic underwater universe of the Philippines?

Let the Resolute Liveaboard be your reliable vessel as you plunge into this diver’s paradise. With its state-of-the-art facilities, top-tier comfort, and experienced crew, the Resolute is a standout choice for the discerning diver.

1. Cabins on the Resolute Liveaboard

Every cabin on the Resolute Liveaboard is a private haven designed to ensure you recharge fully after a day of underwater exploration.

Check out what makes them a cut above the rest:

  • 8 well-appointed, air-conditioned cabins that can accommodate up to 16 guests, ensuring an intimate experience.
  • Each cabin comes equipped with private en-suite bathrooms, storage areas, and individual climate control for your utmost comfort.
  • The large windows in the cabins ensure you never miss the panoramic ocean views.

2. Communal Rooms

When you’re not diving, the Resolute offers plenty of space for relaxation and camaraderie:

  • The spacious indoor lounge comes with a full entertainment system for catching up on your favorite films or sharing dive videos.
  • Enjoy meals and mingle in the well-lit dining area that serves a variety of local and international dishes.
  • Unwind with a book or sunbathe on the large sundeck, complete with comfortable loungers.

3. Dive Deck

The Resolute’s dive deck is a well-organized space where convenience meets efficiency:

  • It’s spacious, allowing divers to prepare comfortably for their next dive.
  • It comes with dedicated rinse tanks and a camera table, making it ideal for photography enthusiasts.
  • Nitrox is available for those qualified, allowing extended bottom times to fully appreciate the vibrant marine life.

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Check out this amazing video on the Resolute liveaboard.

Pros and Cons of the Resolute

Pros Cons
1. Top-tier service and knowledgeable crew 1. Not the cheapest option available
2. Diverse and rich underwater experiences 2. May be challenging for non-divers
3. Comfortable accommodations with a variety of options 3. Limited availability due to high demand
4. Excellent safety measures in place 4. Weather dependent schedules
5. Diverse itineraries across various dive sites in the Philippines 5. No solo cabins available

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Marine Life in the Philippines

Beneath the turquoise waves of the Philippines lies a vibrant aquatic kingdom waiting to be explored.

The country’s rich marine biodiversity is a hidden treasure, a real treat for divers. Picture swimming alongside gigantic whale sharks, playful dolphins, and graceful manta rays. Visualize witnessing a technicolor dreamscape of corals and exotic fish species.

Here’s a sneak peek into what you might encounter in the deep blue depths:

Marine Species Best Spots for Sighting Best Season
Whale Sharks Donsol, Oslob November to June
Thresher Sharks Monad Shoal All year round
Manta Rays Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park March to June
Barracuda Panagsama Beach All year round
Pygmy Seahorses Anilao All year round

These are just the tip of the iceberg! The underwater paradise of the Philippines teems with countless marine species, promising a mesmerizing diving experience.

Specifications for Resolute Liveaboard

As a discerning diver, you want your liveaboard to be more than just a floating hotel. You expect it to be a reliable and comfortable vessel that enhances your diving experience.

The Resolute Liveaboard is engineered with these very expectations in mind. Combining functionality, comfort, and style, the Resolute offers a seamless diving experience.

Here’s a snapshot of what the Resolute brings to the table:

Specifications Details
Length 34 meters
Cruising Speed 8 knots
Cabins 8 air-conditioned cabins with private bathrooms
Maximum Guests 16
Crew Members 12
Nitrox Available
Navigation & Safety Equipped with GPS, Radar, Radio, Life Rafts, and First Aid Kits

Safety Measures

When embarking on an underwater adventure, safety is paramount. At Resolute Liveaboard, they understand that safety is not just a checklist, but a state of mind. They take great pride in our commitment to ensuring our guests can dive with confidence and peace of mind.

Key safety measures include:

  • Fully equipped with the latest safety equipment: The vessel is equipped with life rafts, life vests, first aid kits, and fire extinguishers for your safety.
  • Professional crew: The crew is trained in first aid and emergency response procedures.
  • Regular maintenance: The Resolute Liveaboard is regularly maintained and inspected to ensure it meets safety standards.
  • Detailed safety briefings: Before each dive, dive masters give detailed briefings on safety protocols, dive plans, and potential hazards.
  • Emergency protocols: They have robust emergency response procedures in place, including evacuation plans and communication with local rescue services.

When to Go

Choosing the right time to explore the underwater wonders of the Philippines aboard the Resolute Liveaboard is crucial. Factors like water temperature, visibility, and marine life vary depending on the season.

Their goal is to help you optimize your dive experience by guiding you on the best times to take the plunge.

Here are the prime times for diving in the Philippines:

  • March to June: This is the dry season, which means excellent visibility underwater. This is also the best time to spot Manta Rays at Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park.
  • July to September: While this is the rainy season, it’s also the best time to see Thresher Sharks at Monad Shoal, as they come to the shoal’s cleaning stations.
  • October to February: While cooler, this season is great for macro diving. The water clarity is excellent, making it ideal for underwater photography.

Remember, the marine life in the Philippines is diverse and abundant all year round, so any time is a good time to dive into this underwater paradise with the Resolute Liveaboard.

Reviews of the Resolute Liveaboard

The reviews below are from actual divers who embarked on a trip with the Resolute Liveaboard and experienced its facilities and services firsthand.

Review 1 – The Macro Photographer

“My week on the Resolute was extraordinary. As a macro photographer, I was thrilled with the diverse marine life and exceptional water clarity. The crew was knowledgeable and took us to the best dive spots. The boat is comfortable and the food was fantastic – I’m still dreaming about the grilled fish!”

Review 2 – The Novice Diver

“As a newbie diver, I felt extremely safe diving with the Resolute team. The detailed dive briefings and attentive crew put my nerves at ease. Not to mention, the boat itself is stunning – well-maintained cabins, and the communal spaces were great for relaxing after a dive.”

Review 3 – The Seasoned Diver

“I’ve been on a lot of liveaboards, and the Resolute ranks high on my list. The crew’s local knowledge, combined with the boat’s state-of-the-art amenities, made for an unforgettable trip. The diversity of dive sites in the Philippines is amazing, and the Resolute ensured we experienced the best of it.”

Booking and Pricing

Booking your adventure on the Resolute Liveaboard is a straightforward process, designed to make your journey towards an unforgettable diving experience as smooth as possible.

Here are the key steps in the booking process:

  • Visit the Resolute Liveaboard website and navigate to the ‘Book Now’ section.
  • Choose your desired trip dates and cabin type.
  • Fill out the necessary personal information and diver details.
  • Pay a deposit to secure your booking, with the balance due closer to your trip date.
  • You’ll receive a booking confirmation via email, along with further trip details and preparations.

When it comes to pricing, it’s essential to note that rates vary depending on the season and cabin type. Peak diving season in the Philippines may command higher prices due to demand.

Here’s a summary of their pricing:

Cabin Type Low Season (USD) Peak Season (USD)
Standard Cabin 2000 2300
Deluxe Cabin 2500 2800
Master Suite 3000 3300

Resolute Liveaboard FAQs

I’m new to liveaboards. What can I expect during my stay on the Resolute?

On the Resolute Liveaboard, you can expect a blend of comfort, adventure, and unparalleled service. Our seasoned crew will guide you through dive briefings, our chef will provide sumptuous meals, and your co-divers will likely become new friends. A journey with us is more than just a dive trip, it’s an immersive marine life experience in the heart of the Philippines.

As a seasoned diver, how does Resolute Liveaboard compare with other options?

The Resolute prides itself on offering top-notch services, comfortable accommodations, and a knowledgeable crew. Our dive guides have an in-depth understanding of the local marine life and dive sites, promising diverse and rich underwater experiences. Our top-class amenities and personalized service set us apart from many other liveaboard options.

Can you provide some quick details about the Resolute Liveaboard?

The Resolute Liveaboard is a well-equipped vessel featuring a range of cabin options, a spacious dive deck, and communal areas for relaxation and socializing. It offers trips to various dive locations in the Philippines, focusing on delivering an exceptional underwater experience coupled with comfort and safety.

What is unique about diving in the Philippines with the Resolute Liveaboard?

Diving with the Resolute in the Philippines offers a unique opportunity to explore some of the richest marine biodiversities in the world. From vibrant coral gardens to deep-sea wrecks and an array of marine species, the underwater world here is full of surprises. Coupled with the Resolute’s experienced guides and top-class service, it’s an experience that stands out.

Final Take

Embarking on the Resolute Liveaboard promises an unforgettable journey filled with underwater wonders, comfort, and top-tier service. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or making your first plunge into liveaboard diving, the Resolute offers a unique blend of adventure, relaxation, and marine biodiversity that sets it apart.

Dive into the heart of the Philippines for a truly remarkable experience.

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