Discovery Adventure Liveaboard

Discovery Adventure Liveaboard

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If you’re looking to dive into the heart of the Coral Triangle, let me introduce you to your perfect partner – the Discovery Adventure Liveaboard.

She’s more than just a boat – she’s a floating haven carrying you to some of the most awe-inspiring underwater scenes in the Philippines. And, oh boy, does she know how to treat her guests!

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Liveaboard Luxury – Discovery Adventure

Ready to dive into the heart of the Coral Triangle? The Discovery Adventure Liveaboard is your ticket to an underwater paradise in the Philippines. Enjoy spectacular dives, comfortable accommodation, and delectable cuisine on this top-notch liveaboard.

  • Exceptional Diving: Dive into some of the best spots in the Philippines.
  • Comfort in the Seas: Cozy cabins and modern amenities make it a home away from home.
  • Experienced Crew: Our crew is committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable dive journey.
Discovery Adventure Liveaboard
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Overview of the Discovery Adventure Liveaboard

If you’re looking to discover the underwater beauty of the Philippines, then the Discovery Adventure Liveaboard is your ticket to paradise. It’s a floating haven that combines comfort, safety, and the most mesmerizing dive spots all in one journey.

1. Cabins on the Discovery Adventure Liveaboard

Discovery Adventure Liveaboard boasts 20 cozy cabins that can comfortably accommodate up to 32 guests. These rooms feature modern facilities like air conditioning, storage space, and en-suite bathrooms.

  • Deluxe Cabins: 8 twin-bed cabins located on the lower deck.
  • Twin Bed Cabins: 2 cabins on the main deck.
  • Master Cabins: 2 large cabins with queen-size beds located on the upper deck.

2. Communal Rooms

Discovery Adventure Liveaboard isn’t just about comfortable sleeping arrangements, it’s also about fostering community. There are communal rooms where guests can unwind, socialize, and even enjoy some entertainment.

  • Lounge: Equipped with a state-of-the-art entertainment system.
  • Dining Room: Where delicious meals are served buffet style.
  • Sundeck: An open area with loungers to enjoy the sea breeze and sun.

3. Dive Deck

The diving facilities on the Discovery Adventure Liveaboard make it easy for divers to embark on their underwater explorations. The spacious dive deck is equipped with rinse tanks, storage boxes, and a dedicated camera table for underwater photographers.

  • Diving platform: Easy access to and from the water.
  • Nitrox available: For those who hold the certification.
  • Rental gear: No need to bring your own bulky gear.

Experience the breathtaking underwater landscapes of the Philippines like never before with our guide to liveaboard diving in the country.

Check out this amazing video on Discovery Adventure diving.

Pros and Cons of the Discovery Adventure

Pros Cons
Comfortable cabins with modern amenities Pricing can be high during peak season
Experienced and friendly crew Additional costs for nitrox and gear rental
Access to top Philippine dive spots Limited spaces can lead to early sell-out
Varied itineraries suitable for all levels Some cabins have twin beds only
Exceptional safety measures  

For an unforgettable underwater journey, consider embarking on a liveaboard diving trip.

Marine Life in the Philippines

The Philippines, known as the heart of the Coral Triangle, is a diver’s dream come true. This tropical paradise boasts a dizzying array of marine life, offering a unique spectacle for underwater adventurers. To give you a glimpse into this underwater treasure, here are some of the marine species you could encounter on your dives:

Marine Species Description
Thresher Sharks Known for their unique long tail, these sharks are often spotted around Malapascua Island.
Whale Sharks The gentle giants of the ocean, they are a regular sight in Donsol Bay.
Various Rays Manta and devil rays are common sightings in Tubbataha.
Barracuda Schools of barracuda are a sight to behold in Sipadan.
Nudibranchs With their vibrant colors, they are a macro photographer’s delight.

The discovery doesn’t end with these creatures. The Philippines is teeming with an extraordinary range of macro life, vibrant corals, and schools of colorful fish.

Specifications for Discovery Adventure Liveaboard

The Discovery Adventure Liveaboard isn’t just any boat – it’s a sturdy, well-equipped vessel designed to give divers the best experience. It’s equipped with everything you need for a convenient and enjoyable dive trip.

Feature Detail
Length 47 meters
Cruising Speed 8 knots
Cabins 20
Guests 32
Crew Members 16
Tenders 2
Nitrox Available

The spacious lounge area, sundeck, and dive platform on the Discovery Adventure Liveaboard provide ample space for relaxation and dive preparation. And let’s not forget the delicious meals, served buffet-style, that cater to every palate, ensuring that your underwater adventures are fueled by top-notch cuisine.

Safety Measures

Safety is paramount on the Discovery Adventure Liveaboard. The experienced crew is well-trained in safety procedures, and the boat itself is equipped with safety features to ensure a secure diving experience. Here are the top safety measures you can expect:

  • Life vests in all cabins and communal areas.
  • Emergency rafts that can accommodate all guests and crew.
  • Fire extinguishers throughout the vessel.
  • First Aid and medical Oxygen on board.
  • Regular drills to ensure crew is ready for any emergencies.

When to Go

Although the Philippines is a year-round diving destination, the best times to book your Discovery Adventure Liveaboard trip can depend on what you hope to see. Here are some general guidelines:

  • For whale sharks: Best spotted from February to May in Donsol Bay.
  • Thresher Sharks in Malapascua: They are seen year-round, but visibility is best from March to June.
  • Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park: This UNESCO World Heritage site is best visited from March to June when the park is open and conditions are calm.

Reviews of Discovery Adventure Liveaboard

These reviews come directly from divers who’ve experienced the thrills of diving in the Philippines aboard the Discovery Adventure Liveaboard. Each one provides an honest glimpse into what future divers can expect.

“As a photographer, I found the dive deck with the dedicated camera table incredibly useful. The crew was always helpful, and the dive sites were spectacular.” – Sophie, Professional Underwater Photographer

“My wife and I spent our anniversary on the Discovery Adventure. We loved every moment – from the food to the dive spots. We’ll definitely be returning!” – Richard, Leisure Diver

“I was new to liveaboard diving, and I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience. The crew, the amenities, the fellow divers – everything was top-notch.” – Evan, Novice Diver

Booking and Pricing

Booking your dive trip on the Discovery Adventure Liveaboard is as easy as it gets. The first step is to choose your preferred itinerary and cabin type. Once you’ve made your choice, you can place a booking request online. A representative will then reach out to you to confirm availability and arrange payment. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

  • Choose your preferred itinerary and cabin type.
  • Fill out the booking form on the website.
  • Wait for a representative to confirm your booking.
  • Arrange payment.
  • Receive your booking confirmation.

As for pricing, it varies depending on the season and itinerary. Here are some base prices to give you an idea:

Itinerary Duration Starting Price
Tubbataha 7 nights $2,000
Visayas 10 nights $2,500
Apo Reef and Coron 7 nights $2,000

Prices include accommodation, meals, and diving. Extras such as nitrox, gear rental, and park fees are not included.

Discovery Adventure Liveaboard FAQs

I’m new to liveaboard diving. What should I expect?

Liveaboard diving is a unique experience where you live on a boat for the duration of your dive trip. The Discovery Adventure Liveaboard is equipped with comfortable amenities and a dedicated crew to ensure a smooth experience.

I’m a seasoned diver deciding between Discovery Adventure and another liveaboard. What makes Discovery Adventure stand out?

The Discovery Adventure Liveaboard combines comfort, safety, and fantastic diving in one package. Our experienced crew and top-notch facilities are designed to deliver a seamless dive experience.

What facilities does the boat have?

The Discovery Adventure Liveaboard features 20 comfortable cabins with air conditioning and en-suite bathrooms, a spacious lounge area, a sundeck for relaxation, and a fully-equipped dive deck.

What can I expect when diving in the Philippines?

Diving in the Philippines offers a rich variety of marine life including thresher sharks, whale sharks, manta rays, and a wealth of macro life. From vibrant coral reefs to thrilling pelagic encounters, there’s something for every diver.

My Take on Discovery Adventure Liveaboard

All said and done, the Discovery Adventure Liveaboard is a remarkable vessel that offers a blend of comfort, safety, and the best of Philippine diving. Whether you’re a newbie to liveaboard diving or a seasoned diver seeking your next underwater adventure, this boat has everything to offer. With fantastic facilities, delectable cuisine, and access to some of the best dive spots in the Philippines, you’re in for an unforgettable journey.

Other Philippines Liveaboards

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Eco Option

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  • Modern facilities for convenience and safety
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Luxury Choice

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  • Nitrox and tech diving are available.
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