Deep Andaman Queen Liveaboard

Deep Andaman Queen Liveaboard

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Hello fellow diver, and welcome! If you’re like me and crave that indescribable thrill that only diving can provide, you’re in the right place.

Today, I’m excited to share with you one of my absolute favorites – the Deep Andaman Queen, a liveaboard that combines comfort, safety, and the most mesmerizing dive sites in Thailand.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned underwater explorer, I’m confident that this journey will leave you breathless in the best possible way. Let’s dive in!

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Liveaboard Luxury – Deep Andaman Queen

Experience the aquatic marvels of Thailand in unrivaled comfort and style aboard the Deep Andaman Queen. This liveaboard is a diver’s dream, offering exceptional service, top-tier amenities, and an unforgettable journey beneath the waves.

  • Thailand’s most breathtaking underwater landscapes.
  • Rest easy in comfortable cabins, perfect for recharging after a day of diving.
  • Trust in an experienced crew dedicated to your safety and enjoyment.
Deep Andaman Queen
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Overview of the Deep Andaman Queen

Immerse yourself in an underwater escapade with the Deep Andaman Queen, your gateway to the aquatic treasures of Thailand. This liveaboard vessel is not only equipped with top-notch diving amenities, but also designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible, ensuring that your marine adventures are balanced with a cozy environment to unwind.

1. Cabins on the Deep Andaman Queen

The Deep Andaman Queen boasts a range of cabins to suit every traveler’s need. From budget-friendly quad share rooms to the luxury of the master cabin, each space offers air conditioning and personal storage space. You’ll love the panoramic sea views in selected cabins!

2. Communal Rooms

The communal areas onboard the Deep Andaman Queen are designed for relaxation and socialization. The saloon is a spacious area with entertainment facilities where you can enjoy movies or simply chill out after a day of diving. The outdoor dining area lets you enjoy your meals with stunning sea views.

3. Dive Deck

The dive deck on the Deep Andaman Queen is spacious, ensuring a comfortable preparation area before your dive. It has ample storage for gear and easy access to the dive platform. The dive crew is always on hand to assist with equipment and ensure safety during your diving adventure.

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Check out this amazing video on the Deep Andaman Queen.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Spacious cabins and communal areas for comfort Limited availability due to high demand
Dedicated and experienced dive crew Wifi available only in saloon
Wide range of dive sites visited Some cabins have shared bathrooms
Nitrox available for qualified divers  

Marine Life in Thailand

Thailand’s underwater world is a spectacle of colors, bustling with life and diversity. The Deep Andaman Queen takes you to some of the best diving spots in the region, where you will have the opportunity to encounter vibrant coral reefs, schools of tropical fish, majestic manta rays, and even elusive whale sharks.

Marine Life Best Spot Best Time to See
Whale Shark Richelieu Rock February to May
Manta Ray Koh Bon November to April
Leopard Shark Similan Islands November to April
Sea Turtles Surin Islands November to April
Barracuda Koh Tachai November to April

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Specifications for Deep Andaman Queen

The Deep Andaman Queen is not just a boat; it’s a home away from home on the sea. From the comfort of your cabin to the professional dive setup, every feature of this liveaboard is designed to maximize your dive holiday experience.

Specification Detail
Length 28 meters
Beam 7 meters
Cruising Speed 10 knots
Engines 2 x Hino 510 HP
Generators 2 x 50 KW
Compressors 2 x electric Bauer Mariner II
Nitrox Available
Navigation GPS, radar, depth sounder
Safety First Aid, Oxygen, AED, life rafts

Safety measures

Safety is paramount on the Deep Andaman Queen. With fully trained staff, emergency equipment, and rigorous safety procedures, this liveaboard ensures that you can enjoy your diving adventure with peace of mind.

  • Safety briefings are given at the beginning of the trip and before each dive.
  • Oxygen and first aid kit are readily available on the boat.
  • Life jackets and life rafts are provided for all passengers.

When to Go

The Deep Andaman Queen operates between October and May, with the best diving conditions typically from November to April when seas are calm, visibility is excellent, and marine life is abundant. However, the optimal time for your trip can vary depending on the specific marine life you wish to encounter.

  • Whale Sharks and Manta Rays: February to May
  • Similan Islands and Surin Islands: November to April
  • Leopard Sharks: November to April

Reviews of Deep Andaman Queen

As we dive into the reviews, keep in mind that these are not just any reviews; these are firsthand experiences shared by divers who embarked on an unforgettable journey with the Deep Andaman Queen.

This was my first liveaboard experience, and I must say, the Deep Andaman Queen set the bar high. The crew, the food, the cabin – everything was beyond my expectations. And the dives, absolutely breathtaking.” – Sarah K., Newbie Diver

I’ve been on several liveaboards before, but the Deep Andaman Queen really stands out. The dive sites were well-chosen, showcasing the best of Thailand. The crew’s knowledge and passion for marine life were infectious. I’m already planning my next trip!” – Mark T., Seasoned Diver

As a professional underwater photographer, I was impressed by the Deep Andaman Queen’s commitment to divers. From the spacious dive deck to the professional dive guides, every aspect was designed to ensure the best diving experience. Highly recommended.” – Lisa P., Professional Photographer

Booking and Pricing

Booking a trip on the Deep Andaman Queen is a simple and straightforward process, but the pricing can vary depending on the season and the type of cabin you choose.

  • Visit the Deep Andaman Queen’s official website.
  • Choose your desired trip and cabin. 3. Fill out the necessary details and submit your booking request.
  • Wait for the confirmation email and follow the instructions for payment.

When it comes to pricing, keep in mind that rates are generally higher during the peak season (November to April) due to high demand. Here is a summary of the pricing:

Cabin Type Low Season (May-October) High Season (November-April)
Quad Share $900 $1,200
Triple Share $1,000 $1,300
Twin Share $1,100 $1,400
Master Cabin $1,300 $1,600

Note: Prices are per person and subject to change. Please confirm the rates at the time of booking.

Deep Andaman Queen FAQs

I’ve never been on a liveaboard before. What should I expect on the Deep Andaman Queen?

The Deep Andaman Queen is a fantastic choice for first-time liveaboard divers. The experienced crew ensures safety and comfort, while the wide range of dive sites provides an unforgettable underwater experience. You’ll enjoy comfortable accommodations, delicious meals, and the camaraderie of fellow divers.

I’m a seasoned diver deciding between this liveaboard and another one. Why should I choose the Deep Andaman Queen?

The Deep Andaman Queen stands out for its diverse dive site selection, exceptional crew, and commitment to safety. Whether you’re seeking rare marine life, vibrant reefs, or underwater photography opportunities, this liveaboard delivers.

What amenities does the Deep Andaman Queen offer?

The Deep Andaman Queen offers air-conditioned cabins, spacious communal areas, an outdoor dining area, and a large dive deck. Nitrox is available for qualified divers, and all divers have access to top-notch dive equipment and a professional dive crew.

What marine life can I expect to see when diving in Thailand with the Deep Andaman Queen?

Thailand’s waters teem with a rich array of marine life. Divers can expect encounters with creatures like whale sharks, manta rays, leopard sharks, sea turtles, and a variety of tropical fish, among others. Specific sightings depend on the dive site and season.

My Take on Deep Andaman Queen

Stepping onto the Deep Andaman Queen is the start of an extraordinary journey beneath the waves. With its superb facilities, dedicated crew, and incredible dive sites, this liveaboard truly offers the ultimate diving adventure in Thailand. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned diver, the Deep Andaman Queen will undoubtedly exceed your expectations, leaving you with diving memories to last a lifetime.

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