In the early 90s, Belgian diving expert John Beernaerts had a dream to create a diving experience unlike any other in Brussels, Belgium. He knew there was quite a difference in learning to dive in exotic places like Bora Bora and learning in a boring pool somewhere. So he drew out his idea on a table mat for his friend, and it marked the beginning of his dream becoming a reality.

On May 1, 2004, 7 years and $5 million dollars later, Nemo 33, the first pool declared to be the world's deepest pool was complete. Nemo 33 maintained its record as the world's deepest pool until the Y-40 Deep Joy opened in Montegrotto, Terme, Pàdua, Italy in June, 2014.

Y-40 Deep Joy, which was designed by Emanuele Boarreto, took a year and a billion dollars to create. It features a shaft that plunges down to an unheard of 138 feet, which could accommodate a 13-story building. It is located inside the Hotel Terme Millepini in Italy and offers an underwater experience in its thermal waters that is unlike any other.  

What Is the World's Deepest Pool?

The Y-40 Deep Joy is located inside an Italian spa complex, the Hotel Terme Millepini, near Venice, and it is certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as being the world's deepest swimming pool. Divers come from all over the world to enjoy this unique experience.

At its deepest part, the pool is 138 feet, and there are also simulated underwater caves, platforms, and a suspended transparent viewing tunnel that allows visitors to watch the divers in action without having to get wet themselves. Swimmers can even recover after their deep diving experience on the sunbathing deck on the roof.

1) What Kind of Water Is in the World’s Deepest Pool?

2) Is It Safe?

3) Do Divers Have to Have a Wet Suit?

4) Do They Have Equipment Available That You Can Use?

5) Does It Cost a Lot to Use the Facility?

What Is This Pool Used For?

Y-40 Deep Joy offers just that: joy for everyone who visits. It is used to instruct divers of every experience level and on many types of dives. It is also used for underwater activities such as swimming like a mermaid. It has also provided valuable information to many in the scientific and medical fields as they have studied the effects of water pressure on divers diving at various depths.

1) Diving Instruction

2) Underwater Activities

3) Scientific and Medical Experimentation

4) Weddings

5) Underwater Film and Photo Shoots

How Can You Swim in This Pool?

Man swimming on pool

Taking a trip to Italy is certainly not a bad idea on any given day, but if you want to swim in the world's deepest pool, you will have to plan your trip to get there. The Y-40 Deep Joy is open Monday through Sunday and closed on major holidays.

Their user-friendly website can be used to help you decide on your visit, hotels, flights, and rentals. Remember that for diving, children must be 8 years and up: but there are a few activities for children 6 years and up. Medical forms and certifications are also necessary for some dives and activities.

1) Plan Your Trip

2) Sign Your Informed Consent

3) Choose Your Activities

4) Make Sure You Have the Certifications You Need

5) Enjoy


Diver swimming under the world's deepest pool

Image by Francesco Ungaro via Pexels

While the thought of diving 42 meters, or 138 feet, down into the depths of the world's deepest pool may be scary for some, more and more people do it every year. Of course, it helps ease some of the fear when you consider that the certified instructors supervising those swims and dives are former world champions.

Then, add the thermal waters that allow you to leave the wetsuits at home, the numerous underwater activities, and the uniqueness of the overall experience at Y-40 Deep Joy, and we have concluded that the world's deepest pool should be on everyone's bucket list.

Whether diving is a passion of yours or something you have always wanted to try, an opportunity to do so in the world's deepest pool would be an experience unlike any other, and we would encourage anyone to go for it.

Featured image by David Yu via Pexels.

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