Review: Suunto Dive Computer

Suunto Dive Computer

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Scuba diving is an awesome hobby and unique skill that requires intensive care, attention to safety, and plenty of know-how to reach new depths successfully. With improvements in dive equipment technology, personal dive computers have become widely accessible and increasingly accurate versus the use of a traditional dive table. There are many brands of dive computers to choose from, including the Suunto dive computer, but selecting your perfect dive computer is no easy or quick task.

Since the safety of your life depends on the information given by your dive computer, we want to be of help by providing you with a thorough review and comparison of four leading dive computers. The first unit we highlight is the Suunto dive computer model called “Zoop Novo”. We then consider a couple of competitors and stack them up for comparison. Our aim is to provide you with informative that helps you feel confident and safe in each dive session. Dive computers are designed to accurately account for your personal statistics while you’re deep in the water. These useful units come in many forms, so let’s get started by diving in the Suunto dive computer.

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What Is the Suunto Dive Computer?

Our main watch-style computer is the Zoop Novo Suunto dive computer, a high-end product from the originator of orienteering devices and diving gear in Finland. The Suunto dive computer is a time-tested and renowned device that has shown itself in many forms throughout the years. 

The first Suunto dive computer was born in the 1980s. Today, Suunto dive computers are resilient to the most extreme conditions and expeditions. These Suunto dive computers are hand crafted to provide divers with the highest-quality and most reliable devices to help them reach deeper depths. The Zoop Novo is a 31-year prodigy to the Suunto SME-ML, which came into the sport in 1987 and changed diving forever. 

The Zoop Novo Suunto dive computer is great for beginners and entry-level divers or experts looking for a durable and simple design. The Zoop Novo Suunto dive computer works well either as your main dive watch or as a backup dive computer to always ensure that you have precision safety metrics. This Suunto dive computer is equipped with basic yet functional settings and features such as a large and clear display, a dot matrix screen, a four-button interface, ability to record and store nearly 140 hours of dive data. 

The Zoop Novo Suunto dive computer is competitively priced as a great value for minimalist divers who want to feel years of return on their investment. Beyond a simple and user-friendly interface, the Zoop Novo Suunto diver computer also hosts 5 dive modes, a bright back-lit screen, audible alarms, and a maximum depth display of 80m. We recommend the Zoop Novo Suunto dive computer for serious divers who want to keep an accurate log of their dive stats yet keep the computing simple. 


Product Specs  

Although the interface is clean and straight-forward, the Zoop Novo Suunto dive computer offer full-decompression, five unique dive modes, and an easy-to-read display. Navigating your Zoop Novo Suunto dive computer is quick and intuitive with four distinct buttons and a back-lit or glow-in-the-dark data screen.

This Suunto dive computer weighs 120 grams / 4.23oz and a temperature range of -20C to +50C / -9F to 122F, allowing this watch to be a useful tool along all of your adventures. You can also program this unit to read in imperial or metric measurements, with decompression stop data, and customizable, audible alarms.

The Zoop Novo Suunto dive computer has an adjustable altitude of up to 10,000ft / 3000m which will automatically ping the 15ft / 3m safety. You will always know your environment with its temperature gauge and PO2 display of 17.4psi to 23.2psi. You can even go for a night dive with the Suunto dive computer.



The Suunto dive computer is a moderately priced, high-performing minimalist dive computer that is at a great price point for novice divers. You can purchase this unit for around $329 USD on or

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.     

  • Oceanic Geo 2.0
  • Shearwater Research Perdix
  • Mares Puck Pro

Suunto Dive Computer

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Price $$    


Ease Of Use 4.5 / 5 stars   

The Suunto Zoop Novo is reliable and intuitive to use as a non-air integrated dive computer. The screen is clear and displays large numbers backed by a dim light that illuminates your data in low-light conditions. Necessary modes are available for all divers except experts needing more data and control on deeper dives. Minimalist user interface. 

Max Depth 4 / 5 stars

The max depth of the Zoop Novo is comprehensive for both beginners and professional divers alike—although it will limit extra-deep divers since it maxes out at 80m. This will take you beyond where most divers are intending to go. This unit is best for moderately deep dives.


Special Features 4.5 / 5 stars

The Suunto Zoop Novo is a great device that carries all necessary features plus some thoughtful design aspects. You can use this device to program for 21% to 50% oxygen mixtures, record up to 140 hours of dive data, and track dual time zones. Its 5 modes including Air Mode for recreational dives, Nitrox Mode for adjusting the decompression algorithm, and Free Mode for snorkeling or tracking free dives without data penalty for exceeding certain values.              


  • Ideal for recreational diving but also fit for a pro
  • Easy to use, large display and intuitive controls
  • Optional back-lit modes
  • 140 hours of dive data
  • USB data transfer (cord sold separately)
  • Diverse modes


  • No digital compass
  • 5 minute surface interval time between dives
  • Large for some divers’ wrists
  • Airplane mode missing an icon, hard to know when it is ON or OFF

Oceanic Geo 2.0

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Moving on to the next dive computer on our list, let’s discuss the Oceanic Geo 2.0 dive computer watch. The Geo 2.0 is a reliable and customizable dive computer that doubles as a useful every day watch. Equipped with a stainless steel accent ring, vibrant color combinations, and an extendable wrist strap, you’re set for comfort and style with the Oceanic Geo 2.0.

This unit is a full-function air/nitrox  computer that gives its user ultimate customization with comprehensive, dual algorithm settings to adapt your computer for any dive. The Geo 2.0 is equipped with a large and clear, back-lit display, a Gauge and Free Dive mode, O2 percentages of 21% to 50%, a 24-dive log capacity, manual or water activation, and user-programmed audible alarms.

The max depth for the Oceanic Geo 2.0 will take you up to 100m with an adjustable altitude feature of 916m to 4,200m. The Geo 2.0 is reliably powered by an easy-to-change CR2430 Lithium battery encased in a durable, comfortable, and well-sized watch body.

Price $$    

The Oceanic Geo 2.0 Air/Nitrox dive watch is a moderately priced unit that offers variable modes and reliable computations for beginners to advanced divers. You can purchase this model for around $349 USD on


Ease Of Use 4 / 5 stars   

Overall, the user interface of the Geo 2.0 is simple, and the data is reported as large, clear values. This is an awesome unit for beginners or as a backup computer to track dive data. Menu options do provide a learning curve but once the settings are in place, this unit performs with little fuss or complex features.   

Max Depth 4.5 / 5 stars

The maximum depth you can dive to is with the Oceanic Geo 2.0 is 100m. With a slightly deeper range than the Suunto model. you can expect to have a buffer on extremely deep dives. Back-lit display is useful while swimming at such depths.      


Special Features 4 / 5 stars

This dual-purpose watch and dive computer is great for diving and keeping track of time. You can transfer your dive data to your computer seamlessly with an additional accessory USB cable. The device has a complicated menu setup but functions well after learning how to operate it.        


  • Discreet enough to wear as a daily watch
  • Comprehensive data reporting, easy-to-read values
  • Back-lit screen
  • Comfortable
  • Ideal for recreational diving
  • Dual algorithm options


  • Overpriced USB cable for computer transfer
  • High-end price point for its simple interface / features
  • Confusing manual / device instructions
  • No built-in compass

Shearwater Research Perdix AI

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Next, let’s dive into the Shearwater Research Perdix AI, which is a different kind of model than the previous comparisons. The Shearwater Perdix AI is designed with an easy-to-read, clear monitor that displays your tank pressure and gas time remaining (GTR). This unit is a unique dive computer as it offers much more than just personal dive statistics.

You can easily connect this unit to one or two transmitters giving you a choice between monitoring both tanks simultaneously or sidemount dive. This dive computer operates mainly to observe and report your tank status and pressure while using any of its modes.

You can customize the display to report important data and other specs relevant to your dives. Equipped with a simple interface and an interactive menu, the Shearwater Research Perdix AI keeps data monitoring simple yet thorough. We recommend this unit for advanced and professional divers who would like an all-in-one statistical computer and tank monitor.

Price $$    

The Perdix AI is a high-end dive computer that offers diverse application but requires an additional purchase of a transmitter. You can purchase the computer on or for around $900 USD. 


Ease Of Use 4 / 5 stars   

We think this may be the last computer you will ever need as a professional diver. Its comprehensive and easy-to-read interface keeps diving simple and straightforward. User-friendly platform and Bluetooth data transfer.  Awesome and functional tool for reliable dive metrics.             

Max Depth 5 / 5 stars

The Perdix AI is a high-performing dive computer powered by a 3V CR2 Lithium battery with a battery life of up to 300 dive hours. This unit functions well up to an incredible depth of 152m or 500ft.


Special Features 4.5 / 5 stars

The Perdix AI is a premium dive computer that offers unique features such as air/nitrox/trimix compatibility, a 3-axis and tilt-compensated digital compass, decompression statistics, dive planning, dual algorithm options, and a Bluetooth interface. You can also select to equipt this computer with air integration. Transmitter sold separately. Mountable on either the right or left wrist


  • Simple to use and clear interface
  • Complex settings but user-friendly
  • Amazing maximum depth
  • Open and closed circuit functionality
  • Best for advanced and pro divers


  • High-end price point
  • Chunky aesthetic
  • Transmitter sold separately ($$$)

Mares Puck Pro

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The last dive computer up for review is the Mares Puck Pro. This unit is affordably priced all the while delivering high-end and reliable performance. Featuring a FGBM Nitrox computer, slim design, upgradeable firmware, multi-gas monitoring, micro-bubble reduction technology, a precision stopwatch, and special dive modes, the Mares Puck Pro is an all-in-one device at an awesome value.

This unit is back-lit with the ability to record dives, plan dives, give audible alarms, and report basic information such as date, time, and temperature. The Mares Puck Pro is a competitively designed dive computer offering a wrist-watch aesthetic reaching a dive depth of up to 150m or 492ft.

Price $$    

The Mares Puck Pro is the most accessible dive camera on our list sitting at a low-end price point of around $139 USD. You can purchase this dive computer on or


Ease Of Use 4 / 5 stars   

Excellent interface for beginner divers who are not concerned with extra statistics, only the necessary vitals. It has comprehensive features and a durable build, expected to last for many sessions. Great for deeper dives.      

Max Depth 4 / 5 stars

The max dept with the Mares Puck Pro will bring you to around 150m below the surface. Excellent for novice to advanced divers who want a reliable and capable wrist-watch dive computer.                  


Special Features 4 / 5 stars

The Mares Puck Pro carries all essential functions and some unique offerings such as a fresh water/sea water setting, nitrogen memory reset, user-replaceable CR 2450 Lithium-ion battery, an adjustable altitude up to 3,700m, and up to 36 hours of dive data storage.                                      


  • Comprehensive design with unique extra features 
  • Incredible dive depth for a novice unit
  • Comfortable wrist strap
  • Accessible price


  • Clumsy and unorganized menu
  • Poor battery life
  • May arrive with a dead battery—buy extras


After diving in deep to these four unique and high-performing dive computers, we are confident in giving our overall rating for the Suunto Zoop Novo. The Suunto dive computer is ideal for both beginners and expert divers who are looking for a clean, high-quality, and user-friendly device that reports personal dive statistics and records them, too.

The Zoop Novo is a beautifully and thoughtfully designed dive computer that is affordable priced for entry-level use. We rate this dive computer an overall 4 out of 5 stars for its reliable data reporting, compact aesthetic, and back-lit display which offers two different light modes.

The Zoop Novo by Suunto is a dive computer backed by over 80 years of adventures and exploration to bring you one of the most comprehensive, durable and accessible dive computer on the market.

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