Is Oceanic a Good Scuba Brand (6 Reasons It Is!)

Is Oceanic a Good Scuba Brand (6 Reasons It Is!)

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So you’ve been diving for the last few months by using rented equipment from your favorite dive shops. Now you’re thinking of taking this hobby more seriously and getting your own set of scuba gear.

You came across many brands on the internet but Oceanic caught your attention. However, you can’t make up your mind. You can’t help but ask: Is Oceanic a good scuba brand?

Today, we’re going to show you various things that make Oceanic a brand to consider.

Let’s dive right in!

Who is Oceanic?

Founded by mechanical engineering graduate Bob Hollis in 1972, Oceanic saw the light of day and began selling various dive equipment. Part of the company’s product line was the strobe and underwater camera housings that Bob himself designed and manufactured.

Four years later, Bob acquired Farallon. This takeover allowed Oceanic to expand its inventory. After a few years, Oceanic introduced the first ever mechanically-operated depth gauge called DataMax. This device ran with an automatic digital timer.

For decades, Oceanic didn’t stop developing innovative and breakthrough products. While Huish Outdoors acquired Oceanic in 2017, the former maintained the trade name. The company still actively provides world-class equipment to divers of all skill levels.

What Makes Oceanic a Good Scuba Brand?

Now that you know who Oceanic is and its contributions to the diving community, let’s take a closer look at some of the good characteristics this brand has.

1. Ease of Use

No one wants equipment that takes tons of sweat to operate. Even non-divers don’t want regular gadgets that are difficult to work on. The convenience of having easy-to-use scuba gear makes the adventure more fun.

When it comes to Oceanic, we’ve seen that it has equipment in its product line that boasts user-friendliness. Their dive computers, like the Oceanic OCi, are so easy to use that even beginners won’t have a hard time working them.

The simplicity of their products and their well-laid-out design draw the attention and praise of many diving enthusiasts.

2. High Level of Accuracy

The level of accuracy of scuba gear plays an important role in keeping the diver safe. Bear in mind that water isn’t your natural environment. It’d be difficult to survive in that part of the world without a set of equipment that gives accurate information.

With that in mind, gear, such as depth gauges, needs to be crazy accurate to ensure the safety of the diver. Going deep without knowing the correct data of your actual depth increases the risk.

Oceanic’s depth gauges offer such impressive accuracy that you can compare it to a dive computer.

3. Budget-Friendly

If budget-friendly dive equipment won’t please you, we don’t know what will.

Inexpensive scuba gear doesn’t mean that quality was compromised. While a lot of merchandise by Oceanic is reasonably-priced, they’re still at par with some of the more expensive brands.

Folks new to diving will definitely benefit from the brand’s cheap price. That’s because it’s counterintuitive to pay such a huge amount for an activity that they aren’t sure they’d still love in the long run.

4. Durability

Investing in scuba gear is no joke. It requires an ample amount of money. So, it’s only right to spend our hard-earned cash on something that’ll last for a long period. Remember, these gadgets will be exposed to harsh conditions. How they’re built will determine their longevity.

Oceanic uses heavy-duty materials like nylons, especially on their BCDs (Buoyancy Control Devices). They also designed these products to be abrasion-proof and resistant to fade. Their fins don’t get distorted or deformed easily either.

The bottom line is, Oceanic gear is designed to endure the nastiness of the sea.

5. Fit and Comfort

Imagine wearing a scuba mask that doesn’t sit nicely on your face. Think of the discomfort and the troubles it might cause. Fit and comfort are important when it comes to buying diving equipment. Without them, fun and safety diminish significantly.

The fins, the BCDs, and the masks that this brand offers have a kind of comfort that many noticed and commended. For example, their Cyanea Mask and Shadow Frameless were applauded because of their watertight fit.

For the most part, Oceanic BCDs fit snuggly in such a way that they won’t cause annoyance during the dive. Their fins too are streamlined and quick to put on.

6. Performance

The equipment’s ability to perform well is key to a safer dive. Moreover, using gear that could get the job done increases the enjoyment of this underwater adventure.

Take, for example, using a scuba regulator that allows smooth airflow. This item could avoid breathing problems. It prevents certain scenarios that might cause divers—especially new ones—to panic.

Efficiency is what we’ve seen so far from an Oceanic scuba regulator. While some consider it only as a backup unit, its ability to provide an adequate volume of air shows that Oceanic values performance.

Advantages of Having Your Own Dive Gear

Having your own dive gear like Oceanic offers a lot of advantages, particularly if you’re to engage in this activity for years to come.

Firstly, you become familiar with the ins and outs of your equipment. Knowing how to operate and use them by heart means safety.

Secondly, you don’t have to spend money renting equipment every time you wish to dive. You’d definitely save a few bucks in the long run when you have equipment of your own.

Lastly, you minimize risk and discomfort because what you have fits you perfectly. That is if you were careful enough when you bought them.

Final Thoughts

So, is Oceanic a good scuba brand? For the most part, yes! Based on what we’ve seen, Oceanic has what it takes to deliver the goods.

Its easy-to-use functionality, accuracy, and performance, not to mention its budget-friendly price make it a go-to, especially for novice divers. Then again, being in the industry for decades, Oceanic has also earned the respect of many experienced divers.

In the end, it’s still up to you to make Oceanic gear your weapon of choice. Just don’t forget to put safety and comfort at the forefront.

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