Review: Henderson Thermoprene Wetsuit

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Wearing a high quality wetsuit when diving is one of the most important factors of enjoying a safe and comfortable underwater activity. Making an investment in buying one of these suits is an important decision. One of the best wetsuits on the current market is the Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit. Diving underwater will expose your body to varying temperature conditions. It’s not a natural environment for your body to spend substantial time. 

Having a quality wetsuit that will offer a safe barrier between your skin, colder water temperatures, and the potential of cuts and scratches is crucial. This will mean that you can handle the depths of your dive. It’s also important to note these wetsuits differ from surfing wetsuits that provide buoyancy.

Choosing a Wetsuit

If you’re confused on the best wetsuit for you, you need to consider a few important factors:

First, a wetsuit that is durable and will last for continual diving is an optimal choice. You also need to consider the conditions of your diving area. This will allow you to buy a wetsuit designed to give the best performance and comfort for that dive.  

A wetsuit with less thermal protection (1-2 mm suit) will be best for warmer waters. This kind of wetsuit will keep you warm but also protect you from sun, jellyfish stings, and scratches from coral. However, for colder water temperatures, you will need a wetsuit crafted with high quality, thicker material that offers substantial thermal protection.

What Is the Henderson Thermoprene Wetsuit?

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To make your decision easier, we reviewed the best wetsuits on the market to give you their specs, pros & cons. This information will allow you to buy the right wetsuit for your next diving adventure.

The Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit has been around for a while and is a popular choice for many divers. This wetsuit has been crafted with high-quality Nylon Neoprene material. This material is lightweight and is flexible. It offers 75% more stretch than other wetsuit materials of other brands. You will notice this wetsuit is easy to put on, remove and allow you to move inside and out of the water with great mobility. 

GBS construction ensures that this wetsuit will provide adequate thermal protection in colder water temperatures. It will allow you to stay warm and comfortable during your dive. It has an adjustable collar that will ensure minimal water transfer into your wetsuit while also remaining loose enough to stay unnoticeable. 

The Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit is durable and will withstand the friction of equipment, belts, and other diving accessories. Its Durable Freedom-Flex knee pads are strong enough to provide support on areas that need extra reinforcement and yet still allow for flexibility. These qualities are important factors of high-quality wetsuits for diving and other water sport activities.

Product Specs

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The Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit uses high-quality materials to provide excellent flexibility and thermal protection. This wetsuit is soft and stretchy. The Thermoprene material adapts and conforms to the shape of your body while buffering your skin from colder water temperatures. Flexibility is a key quality of this material that allows for an optimal range of motion. It has 75% more stretch than standard neoprene. No diver wants to feel constricted while diving and already burdened by the weight of other gear. 

The Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit comes in 3-5 mm thickness choices. The 5 mm material is exceptionally suitable for colder water temperatures. This full wetsuit has a solid 10-YKK back zipper, with glued and blind stitched seams for durability. Additional padding in the knees is included to reinforce areas that typically experience more wear and tear. This brand has reduced its dependency on oil-derived chemicals in the manufacturing of this wetsuit. Environmentally conscious divers will appreciate this standard.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.    

  • Henderson Thermoprene Wetsuit
  • O’Neill Reactor
  • XCEL Thermoflex
  • O’Neill Psychofreak

Henderson Thermoprene Wetsuit

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The Henderson Thermoprene. wetsuit features GBS-glued and blind stitched seams for increased durability.


The Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit comes in 3mm and 5mm nylon 2 neoprene-combination material that provides optimal flexibility. It has 75% more flexibility than other materials commonly used in other wetsuits. This material will allow you to put on and remove the wetsuit easily. It’s also easier to layer additional diving garments without feeling constricted. While flexibility is a key feature of the Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit, the neoprene material is also exceptionally durable.

This wetsuit will contour to the shape of your body while keeping water exchange minimal. The Thermoprene offers an optimal fit while complimenting any body shape. It is a superior grade of thermal neoprene that offers maximum levels of heat retention. This thermal protection is ideal for many kinds of diving conditions. It is also appropriate for varying waters activities such as scuba-diving, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, wake boarding, water skiing and many others. It has lycra trim, freedom flex kneepads, with a spine pad zipper seal.  

Design Quality

The design of this wetsuit is for full-body coverage in waters of varying temperatures. It has extra padding on the knees, lycra trim, adjustable collar, and a solid back zipper. It is lightweight and allows for maximum range of motion. The thickness of material will buffer your skin from cuts and scratches. It’s also durable enough to withstand any potential wear and tear damage from diving equipment.


The Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit has a 10-year Limited Warranty. 


  • GBS-glued and blind stitched seams
  • 75% more flexibility than other materials
  • Ideal for many kinds of diving conditions, and water sport activities


  • This wetsuit is moderately pricey
  • May not be suitable for hot environments
  • Back zipper is slightly inconvenient

O’Neill Reactor

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The O’Neill Reactor wetsuit has Flatloc seams for durability and water seal.


The O’Neill Reactor wetsuit is made with 52% spandex and 48% nylon blend material and 100% neoprene lining. Other panels are made of 100% nylon. The outside right collar panel is 100% polyester. There are Krypto Knee pads included to reduce the risk of cuts and extend the performance of the wetsuit. It displays the O’Neill logo on the front, back, sleeves and legs of the suit. Material thickness is 3/2 mm; ideal for warmer waters. You can handwash this wetsuit and let it drip dry.                                                            

Design Quality

O’Neill is well-known for producing high quality wetsuits for a variety of water conditions and water sports. This shorty wetsuit provides a comfortable and secure fit. The 3/2 mm thickness of the suit is great for scuba diving, surfing, paddle boarding and other water sports in warmer waters. It will provide adequate protection from sun and water environments that can irritate the skin with prolonged exposure. The wetsuit has reinforced knee padding, a fully adjustable neck closure that is non-irritating, and a back zipper.

While this wetsuit is not rated for colder water thermal protection, it is great for a variety of activities in warmer temperatures. You can use this wetsuit for a variety of water sport activities and enjoy increased skin protection and comfort.


If you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, you are welcome to return any unworn and unwashed items with tags intact and original packaging included.


  • Ideal for scuba diving and water sports in warmer waters
  • Durable and flexible material
  • Comfortable and secure design
  • Great price


  • Not rated for thermal protection
  • Does not provide full body coverage
  • Not ideal for deep water diving

XCEL Thermoflex

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The XCEL Thermoflex wetsuit has glued, blind stitched, fully sealed seam construction that will keep water out.


The XCEL Thermoflex wetsuit is has a quick-dry fiber plush inner lining that drys 30% faster than standard neoprene material. Its ultra stretch neoprene is stretchy, soft, durable and lightweight, with inner reinforced stress points. This wetsuit has Duraflex, pre-bent, contoured and articulating knee panels that reduces wear-and-tear and increases durability. The UltraStretch material provides flexibility without reducing thermal protection. The material will give you the freedom to move around without feeling constricted or reduced range of motion.                                           

Design Quality

The XCEL Thermoflex wetsuit is a great choice for deep water diving. This suit will provide thermal protection in a variety of water conditions. It features a seamless drylock waist and back semi-dry zipper to prevent water transfer into your suit. This semi-dry back zipper will keep more water out with a protective spine pad. It has easy on/off ankle zippers with lightweight inner flaps for comfort that cushions the zipper from your skin. There is an adjustable velcro wrap collar that protects the back zipper and provides a better fit. Tonal printed shoulders graphics prevent wear and tear from BC straps.

Padding around the waist and legs with plush lining will cushion you from underwater conditions and provide maximum thermal protection. The knee pads will allow you to crouch and kneel on the bottom of the ocean or prepare for the dive on any other hard surface area. Reviews of The XCEL Thermoflex wetsuit claim it is one of the best wetsuits on the market. it is easy to understand why with all of its features.                                                                                    


Xcel offers a 12-month warranty on this wetsuit.


  • Ideal wetsuit for diving in deeper waters
  • Flexible, high-quality, durable construction


  •  We didn’t identify any strong cons to this product

O’Neill Psychofreak

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The O’Neill Psychofreak wetsuit has double SuperSeam weld, watertight stitch less construction.


The O’Neill Psychofreak full body wetsuit has 3/2 millimeter TechnoButter 2 Firewall neoprene material in the body and legs, with super seal, watertight cuffs, and added insulation. TechnoButter 2 AIR Firewall neoprene material is used in the chest and back panels. It comes in six different color schemes which are aesthetically appealing. O’Neill included added insulation in areas such as the legs, chest and back.

Design Quality

The O’Neill Psychofreak full body wetsuit is ideal for surfing. It will allow you to enjoy a wide variety of environments and water conditions with optimal warmth and comfort. Its 3/2 millimeter rating with SuperSeam Weld technology will allow for maximum water resistance. The patented Z.E.N zipper is easy to use. 


If you find the product to be defective under normal use and proper care, O’Neill will repair or replace the product under their sole discretion. 


  • Ideal wetsuit for diving in deeper waters
  • Flexible, high-quality, durable construction
  • Patented Z.E.N zipper is easy to use
  • Comes in six different color schemes


  •  No major cons identified


The Henderson Thermoprene Wetsuit is is an excellent choice for deep water diving. This wetsuit provides thermal protection in a variety of water conditions. It has a wide variety of design features that makes it both flexible and durable. If you’re looking for a great wetsuit for a variety of water activities, this is a great choice.

It is also our number one pick of the reviewed wetsuits. However, if you’re looking for additional specs and features not included in the Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit, consider another on our list. All of these wetsuits are high-quality and will allow you to enjoy a variety of water conditions safely and comfortably. Enjoy.

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  1. I am a dive professional and have become very unsatisfied with both the 3 mil and 5 mil full wetsuit. 120 days of almost daily use in saltwater along with daily rinsing in freshwater has deteriorated the seams and threading. To the point they are almost unusable.

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