Bare Wetsuits: Your 8 Best Options to Buy

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People pay a lot of attention to what they wear while on land, so it makes sense for them to think about what they wear in the water as well. Wetsuits are essential equipment for divers and surfers so that they can stay in the water for more extended periods. When you’re in a potentially hostile environment, your wetsuit can either make or break your experience. Bare wetsuits are an established brand of exceptional, high-quality wetsuits. And Bare wetsuits can enhance your next adventure in the water.

It’s critical for divers to have only the best diving wetsuits because they affect mobility and buoyancy significantly. Since wetsuits are quite an investment, you have to make sure that you’re purchasing one that will stand the test of time. More people have decided to take the plunge and buy their own wetsuit. As a matter of fact, the global market for wetsuits is expected to reach $1.8 billion by 2022, which is a huge leap from its $800 million market value in 2014.

Wetsuits are not only limited to use in colder climates but are valuable even in warmer waters. A light wetsuit can protect you not just from the elements but from natural dangers such as coral and jellyfish, without over-insulating your body. Deciding on which of the Bare wetsuits to purchase can be a daunting challenge.

Everything You Need to Know About Bare Wetsuits

Bare strives to consider every single detail about their product from the perspective of the one using it — the customer. This perspective drives the design of their products. The craftsmanship behind every wetsuit follows on the brand’s core mission to maintain optimum quality. And Bare Sports looks for ways to make products that exceed the expectations of its users.

Bare wetsuits feature the fusion of technology and innovation. You’ll find that Bare wetsuits include groundbreaking innovations such as No Stitch Technology. This provides the user with improved stretch and flexibility by sealing air seams and remaining watertight without any stitching.


Having a perfectly fitted wetsuit is essential if you want to be more flexible, comfortable, mobile, and safe in the water. That is why the brand’s in-house design has been improving its fit for more than 40 years.

Virtually all Bare wetsuits contain neoprene, a foam rubber invented in the 1930s. Bare wetsuits use many types of lamination to help give users different degrees of stretch. That includes the four-way stretch present in the Evoke, Nixie, Limited edited, Reactive, and S-flex models. Some models, such as the Velocity series, feature progressive full-stretch, and the Sport series suits have the standard stretch neoprene.

Every single detail contributes to give users the best 3D shape possible. Bare wetsuits contain complex patterns in the chest, arms, and legs using bias cut fabrics with an improved stretchability. This design is thoughtfully seamed by the brand to give users a snug fit for better aqua dynamics. And each of the Bare wetsuits has a wide range of sizes for users to choose from.

Ultrawarmth Technology

People lose most of their heat energy as a result of heat escaping from the body. That’s why Bare wetsuits’ Ultrawarmth category offers Omnired technology. This feature gives thermal protection. Omnired technology has been lab-tested and proven to assist divers. Bare wetsuits that utilize this technology give users peace of mind in that the wetsuit provides nothing but the best thermal protection available on the market.

How to care for your wetsuit

Before you put on your wetsuit, you should check your body and make sure that nothing can snag the material of your wetsuits. The possible culprits include pieces of jewelry like bracelets, and rings. You should also make sure that your fingernails do not damage the suit, because this can significantly affect its ability to seal in heat.

After your dive, make sure to unzip all of the zippers of your wetsuit completely before taking it off. When you have unzipped everything, carefully remove your wetsuit one part at a time. That ensures that your wetsuit does not get damaged from excessive pulling. To store your wetsuit, soak it in warm freshwater for half an hour. This step is essential because chlorine and salt water dry out the neoprene, which can reduce the life of your wetsuit. After you soak your wetsuit, rinse it and hang it using a wetsuit hanger.

If you notice a puncture on your wetsuit, don’t worry. Ripping your wetsuit is quite common. To repair it, fill in the hole or affected area using a neoprene glue.

How We Reviewed

There are many things to consider when determining the quality of a wetsuit. For Bare wetsuits, we considered its ability to seal in body heat. Furthermore, the wetsuit has to give you enough mobility and flexibility during your dive. And it has to provide users with great comfort.

Overall Price Range of Bare Wetsuits

Bare wetsuits, like other diving gear on the market, demand a relatively high price. Some of the Bare wetsuits with many features range from $380 to $620. However, if you are just looking for an entry-level and less expensive wetsuit, the brand also offers products starting at around $100.

Our Favorite Bare Wetsuits

Before we proceed to our favorite Bare wetsuits, it is important to note that we have chosen popular Bare wetsuits and have listed the thickness of available models in millimeters. For mild to warm temperatures, we recommend 3-millimeter Bare wetsuits. A 5-millimeter wetsuit is suitable for mild to cold temperatures, while a 7-millimeter wetsuit is best for extremely cold environments.

For men

Bare wetsuits come in several different models for men. These wetsuits are specifically designed to fit a man’s physique and offer specialized comfort.

Reactive Wetsuit

Bare wetsuits are known to be not only comfortable and durable but also stylish. This model is a testament to these characteristics. The Bare Reactive wetsuit is the first model in the collection that uses Celliant Infrared fabric, a very responsive material that provides warmth to the diver by using their own body heat.

This model is available in a combination of black and red, as well as black and blue colors. It also has a 21-inch Glock2 back zipper for easier entry with set tooth design to protect your body from water entry. This wetsuit features Glideskin skin-to-skin double ankle and wrist seals, an extra long ankle zipper, armor flex 2.0 knee protection for resistance to abrasion, no stitch technology, and full stretch neoprene to give you comfort and flexibility. This wetsuit comes in 3-millimeter, 5-millimeter, and 7-millimeter thickness options. This model has an average rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The Reactive wetsuit costs between $420 and $520.

Reactive Titan Black Wetsuit

Also dubbed as the dark side of Ultrawarmth, this amazing wetsuit is part of the Bare Sports Reactive category. The Reactive Titan Black wetsuit combines Ultrawarmth celliant with this brand’s remarkable no stitch technology. There is no question that Bare Wetsuits are responsive, but this model takes this up a notch. The responsive infrared warming of the Ultrawarmth in this Reactive Titan Black wetsuit will undeniably help make your dive experience more comfortable.

This wetsuit has tons of features including an extra long zipper on the back and the ankle, Glideskin skin-to-skin double seals, armor flex 2.0 knee protection, no stitch technology, and full stretch neoprene material. This model comes in 3-millimeter, 5-millimeter, and 7-millimeter thickness. This wetsuit features an average rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars on Leisurepro and costs between $480 and $550.

Velocity Ultra Full Wetsuit

The Velocity Ultra Full Bare Wetsuit gives its users groundbreaking warmth and performance. Diver’s performance drives this category of wetsuit. The Velocity Ultra Full wetsuit features progressive full-stretch construction coupled with the brand’s impressive Ultrawarmth Celliant Infrared Technology.

The Velocity Ultra Full Wetsuit gives its users a more comfortable dive and allows them to stay in the water for a longer time. Additionally, this model has a Glideskin collar, Glideskin skin-in wrist and ankle seals, knee protection — which is a fusion of woven fabrics that provide abrasion and wear resistance — and a heavy duty zipper on the ankle. It comes in 3-millimeter, 5-millimeter, and 7-millimeter thickness. This model comes in black, black and blue, and black and red colors. This wetsuit features an average rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars on Leisurepro. It costs between $360 and $440.

8/7 Millimeter Velocity Ultra Hooded Semi-Dry Suit

Giving its users exceptional warmth, this model is a mid-priced dive suit that has thermal activated performance using the brand’s Celliant Infrared technology. This technology transforms body heat into infrared energy, which is felt by your body. That’s useful to elevate the body’s warmth, to recover quicker, and to give you improved stamina so you can stay in the water for a longer period.

This model has an attached hood with celliant lining, a 2-millimeter neoprene internal pullover bib to provide added warmth, a front entry cross chest heavy duty plastic dry zipper, a 10-millimeter spine and kidney pad for more comfort, seamless underarms, skin-to-skin double 3-millimeter Glideskin ankle and wrist seals, a back knee flex panels, knee protection, and a secure lock construction. This wetsuit features an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Leisurepro. It costs between $500 and $580.

2 Millimeter Sports S-Flex Shorty Wetsuit

This Bare Wetsuit is for people who do not only love to dive but also explore other water sports. It gives an impressive performance and full stretch. Considered as one of the best entry-level suits that you can get, this model is ideal for those who are still starting out. The S-Flex is the brand’s proprietary technology that utilizes neoprene to give more stretch.

The comfort of this model is impeccable as it uses an ergonomic design to provide a better fit. This wetsuit also has a soft exterior that feels like velvet. It comes in black and blue or all black. It also has tons of features such as a Glideskin collar and an extra long back zipper. This wetsuit features an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Leisurepro and costs between $70 and $120.

For women

Women have different needs for their wetsuits compared with men. Bare Sports understands this fact and produces a number of wetsuits geared for women.

Evoke Full Wetsuit

The Evoke full wetsuit is the brain-child of the brand’s elite all-female design team. This wetsuit model screams style and innovation. It has a design that mirrors today’s trendy activewear and yoga designs to enhance the natural curves of the body. It’s also equipped with Ultrawarmth celliant technology to give its users better blood flow, quality performance, and extra warmth. This wetsuit comes in black, blue, and orange colors.

This model also has a Velcro adjustable 360 neck seat with a booklet style cover to make sure that the Velcro doesn’t sag. It features a 4-millimeter contoured Glideskin collar, an extra long zipper in the back, armor flex kneepads, skin-to-skin double internal sealing, seamless underarms, and full-length puller with silicone print. It comes in 3-millimeter, 5-millimeter, and 7-millimeter thickness. This wetsuit features an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Leisurepro and costs between $320 and $390.

2 Millimeter Nixie Shorty Wetsuit

This model embodies the modern woman. With its stylish, slimming design and vibrant colors, this multipurpose wetsuit will be any woman’s best friend. It has a comfortable contoured 2-millimeter Glideskin collar with 360-degree Velcro adjustment, rolled wrist and ankle Glideskin seals, and flat-seam construction for more comfort and versatility. This model comes in glacier blue and pink colors. This wetsuit features an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Leisurepro, and it costs between $80 and $125.

Nixie Wetsuit

This wetsuit is the perfect choice for women divers who want to look fashionable but still not sacrifice comfort and overall performance. This model’s design is slimming and hugs the curves right. This wetsuit has tons of features such as fantastically soft, full-stretch neoprene, set-in sleeve design, and a long back zipper.

Furthermore, it comes with a Glideskin collar for better seal and decreased flushing to maintain heat. The Velcro adjustment collar with booklet-style cover prevents snagging. It also features a rolled wrist and ankle Glideskin, armor flex knee pads, and flat-seam construction. It is available in 2/3-millimeter, 5-millimeters, and 7-millimeter thickness.  And it comes in a wide array of colors, including black, glacier blue, and pink. This wetsuit features an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon and costs between $160 and $240.

Our Verdict

Bikinis and board shorts are not year-round watersport apparel. For the cold season, owning a wetsuit is important so that you can still enjoy the ocean despite the frigid temperatures. Bare wetsuits are recommended by diving professionals and hobbyists. For any swimming-related activity, a wetsuit offers you many advantages. So whether you are a man or woman, novice or expert, Bare wetsuits are the perfect addition to your beach gear.

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