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If you’re just getting started with water sports like surfing, scuba diving, water skiing and others, it’s important you choose the best wetsuit before you jump into the water. Experts recommend matching a wetsuit to the environment and water conditions you encounter. The best wetsuits on the current market come in many varieties. The Aqua Lung Aqua Flex Jumpsuit wetsuit is one of the best wetsuits available, and we will review this wetsuit and a few others to help you choose one with the right features and specs for your needs.

Water sports are a lot of fun, however they can expose you to injury. Water conditions expose the body to unseen injuries that can come from aquatic life, coral, and cold water temperatures. Choosing the correct wetsuit will reduce your chances of injury and increase your comfort and enjoyment. Wetsuits are designed with lightweight materials to provide buoyancy, flexibility, and thermal protection. So if you want to make a smart investment in a quality wetsuit, this review will help. We’ve reviewed the best on the current market to guide you in the right direction.

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What Is the Aqua Lung Aqua Flex Jumpsuit Wetsuit?

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The Aqua Lung Aqua Flex Jumpsuit wetsuit does what its name suggests. They have crafted it with super-stretch neoprene material for maximum flexibility and comfort. Wetsuits made with neoprene material have over three times more stretch than standard neoprene. This quality allows you to don and doff your wetsuit easily and enjoy great range of motion in and out of the water. This wetsuit will adapt and conform to every body shape. It is lightweight while also providing adequate thermal protection.

Neoprene material is an environmentally friendly, non-petroleum based material. For nature conservationists, this choice of material is highly appealing. The outer nylon material is resistant to abrasions and hook-and-loop items due to a tight weave construction. This is a durable wetsuit that will resist friction and any abrasive qualities of diving equipment. It will also help protect the skin from abrasions. You will stay warm, flexible, and comfortable in this wetsuit. It’s also an attractive wetsuit. This suit will continue to look great and perform for many years.

Product Specs

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The Aqua Lung Aqua Flex Jumpsuit wetsuit is manufactured with super-stretch neoprene material throughout, a durable nylon material exterior, and varying thickness panels. Panels vary in thickness with 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm material for increased thermal protection. The chest and back panels have thermal loop laminate to lock in warmth toward the core of your body. The material is super stretchy but also very soft. The seams of this wetsuit are liquid sealed, which provides waterproofing quality. All of the seams are blind stitched.

This wetsuit has a solid #10-YKK back zipper with a pull tab leash. You will appreciate this quality when donning and doffing the suit. It has cuffs with X-Tend technology that minimizes fraying, pre-bent anatomic legs and arms, and Supratex knee pads. The spandex edge tape around the wrists and ankles makes them stretchy and resistant to the transfer of water to the inside of your wetsuit. The neck offers similar qualities. The Aqua Lung Aqua Flex Jumpsuit wetsuit comes in a range of sizes. This is one of the best wetsuits on the market with many high-quality specs. 


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The wetsuits we reviewed were selected based on extensive research into the current market. They are some of the best wetsuits offered today. We’ve considered the features, pros & cons, and consumer reviews of these brands. They range in price from as low as $$ upwards of $$$ depending on specs and manufacturers. The Aqua Lung Aqua Flex Jumpsuit wetsuit can be purchased for around $$$.


How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare. 

  • Seavenger (3mm) Wetsuit
  • Henderson Thermoprene Wetsuit

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Ease Of Use                                  

The Aqua Lung Aqua Flex Jumpsuit wetsuit is constructed with Aqua Flex neoprene that has 3 times the flexibility of standard neoprene. This quality makes this suit easy to don and doff. It will also adapt and conform to any body shape. High-quality material has eliminated the need for ankle or wrist zippers. Cuffs will comfortably hug your skin, preventing water from transferring into your wetsuit. This design will increase thermal protection as water exchange leads to substantial heat loss.


Design Quality                              

The Aqua Lung Aqua Flex Jumpsuit wetsuit has many design qualities that offer some of the best features for diving. This suit has super-stretch, variable-thickness neoprene panels throughout the suit. It has a durable nylon material exterior that resists abrasions, cuts, and snags. The neoprene panels range in thickness at 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm. Varied panel thickness increases thermal protection.

This wetsuit was designed with optimal thermal protection in mind as the chest and back panels have thermal loop laminate to lock in warmth toward your core. The super-stretch neoprene material is flexible and soft. You will enjoy warmth and comfort due to this wetsuit’s well-done and lightweight design.

This wetsuit features a solid #10-YKK back zipper with a pull tab leash. This is fairly standard for many wetsuits. However, you will appreciate this quality when donning and doffing the suit. X-Tend technology cuffs minimize fraying. The wetsuit has pre-bent anatomic legs and arms with Supratex knee pads. Spandex edge tape on the wrists and ankles makes them stretchy and help them to reduce the amount of water that can transfer to the inside of your wetsuit.


  • Super-Stretch neoprene provides great flexibility and comfort
  • Blind stitched, liquid-sealed seams
  • Optimal thermal protection for diving
  • Comes in a range of sizes


  • The Aqua Lung Aquaflex Women’s Jumpsuit has been discontinued
  • The Aqua Lung Aquaflex Men’s Jumpsuit price is higher

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Ease Of Use                                  

The Scubapro Everflex wetsuit will move naturally with your body and provide optimal comfort, flexibility, and durability. It features a diagonal back zipper that runs from the left hip to right shoulder. You will appreciate this design over traditional back zippers. This design, along with the Glideskin cuffs on the ankles and wrists, makes donning and doffing your wetsuit easier. This wetsuit will comfortably fit all body types. There is an I-Safe strap on both wrists for divers to secure their watches.


Design Quality                               

The Scubapro Everflex wetsuit is a 3/2 mm wetsuit from Scubapro. They designed this suit with 100 percent Everflex neoprene and an X-Foam formulation. This wetsuit is ideal for warm-water conditions. It’s perfect for any warm water sport. This wetsuit offers decent thermal protection with a combination of high-quality material and a back, C-Zipper construction. The thermal material is lightweight and allows for optimal flexibility.

The Scubapro Everflex wetsuit has fewer seams and panels than other wetsuits. Multi-thickness panels, combined with the C-Zip and water-sealed double stitch seam construction, ensures this wetsuit will provide optimal thermal protection in varying temperatures. The wetsuit has 2mm material on the arms and legs. There is 3mm material on the torso. Thin material means that divers require fewer weights in any weight belt.  

The outer seams are double blind-stitched to ensure durability and waterproofing. Single, blind-stitched inner seams are non-irritating to the skin. Scubapro sealed the seams with solvent-free water-based glue. This wetsuit has a unique C-Zip opening. This C-Zip is a wide neck opening that rotates open and closed. This unique design increases its lightweight quality.


  • Unique C-zipper design
  • Constructed with flexible and durable neoprene material
  • I-Safe straps are on both wrists
  • This wetsuit is ideal for warm-water conditions


  • More pricey than other wetsuits
  • The 3/2 mm wetsuit is not great for cold water conditions

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Ease Of Use                                   

While flexibility is a high-quality feature of the Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit, the neoprene material also provides thermal protection and durability. The Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit is made from materials with varying thicknesses. It comes in 3mm and 5mm nylon 2 neoprene-combination material that provides extreme stretchiness. It has three times more flexibility than other wetsuits on the market. This material will allow you to easily don and doff the wetsuit. It’s also easy to layer additional diving garments without feeling restricted in your movement.


Design Quality                              

This full-body wetsuit was designed for waters of varying temperatures. It has extra padding on the knees, lycra trim, an adjustable collar, and a solid back zipper. It is lightweight and allows for an optimal level of flexibility. The thickness of the materials will buffer your skin from scrapes and cuts. It is flexible but also durable enough to withstand any potential wear and tear damage from diving equipment. The Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit features GBS-glued and blind stitched seams for increased water sealing and durability. 


This wetsuit will comfortably adapt to the shape of any body type and size. It will also keep water exchange to a minimum. The Thermoprene wetsuit is well-known for being both flexible and warm. They use a superior grade of thermal neoprene that provides maximum levels of heat retention. You will appreciate this extra thermal protection in colder water diving conditions. 


The Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit is also appropriate for various water activities such as scuba-diving, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, wake boarding, and waterskiing. It has lycra trim, freedom flex kneepads, and a spine pad zipper seal.  


  • GBS-glued and blind stitched seams
  • Three times more flexibility than other wetsuits


  • Moderately pricey
  • May not be suitable for hot environments
  • Standard back zipper is slightly inconvenient


top view of a person scuba diving

image source: Pixabay

The Aqua Lung Aqua Flex Jumpsuit wetsuit is an excellent choice for deep water diving. We give it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. This wetsuit provides thermal protection in a variety of water conditions. It has a durable nylon material exterior that resists abrasions, cuts, and snags. It has a wide variety of design features that make it flexible and durable and provide optimal thermal protection. The price of this wetsuit is also highly competitive in the current market. If you’re looking for a great wetsuit for a variety of water conditions and activities, this is one of the best options available.

It is also our number one pick of the reviewed wetsuits. However, if you’re looking for additional specs and features not included in the Aqua Lung Aqua Flex Jumpsuit wetsuit, you might consider another one of the suits we reviewed. These wetsuits are of excellent quality and will allow you to dive or surf safely and comfortably. We hope this review makes investing in a wetsuit easier so you can enjoy of a variety of water sports. 

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