2022’s Best Mares Scuba Diving Gear

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Underwater exploration is an exciting adventure. Seeing the life forms, rocks, and water below is a scene to relish. To enjoy the best views and ensure your safety, you need to have scuba diving gear. Mares scuba diving gear is the best diving equipment in the market. They make your underwater exploration fun, easy, and safe.

Finding the best scuba diving gear can be a daunting task. The market is full of different brands, some which have quality gear while some are just cheap knock-offs. With proper information, it is much easier to find scuba diving gear that fits your requirements. In this article, we will review the best Mares scuba diving gear in detail.

Product FAQ

Before purchasing an item online, you need to understand it well enough to make an informed decision. This section is a compilation of frequently asked questions. They explain the what, how, and where of scuba diving gear.

1. What Is Scuba Diving Gear?

Scuba diving gear is equipment used by divers to enhance their diving. It helps you breathe and see under the water while also improving your movement. Basic mares scuba diving gear includes a mask, diving regulator, diving cylinder, diving computer, wetsuit, buoyancy compensator, torch, and fins.

2. What Does Scuba Diving Gear Do?

Mobility, vision, and respiration are greatly affected underwater. Scuba diving gear helps you by improving these factors. On the face, a diving mask is used to enhance your vision underwater while a diving regulator supplies oxygen to your mouth from a diving cylinder.

On the torso, a buoyancy compensator regulates your descending and ascending speed while the diving cylinder on the back carries oxygen. If the water temperature is too low, you should don a wetsuit. Other mares scuba gear used around the torso and limbs include a diving computer and torch.

Fins are worn on the legs and sometimes hands to help you move easily underwater.

3. How Does Scuba Diving Gear Work?

Each equipment has its function, and they all work differently. For instance, the mask traps air between the face and lenses to help you see better.

On the other hand, a regulator supplies oxygen from the cylinder tank to the diver’s mouth while also regulating the pressure. For a beginner, you only need to understand how basic scuba diving gear works.

4. Where Can You Buy Mares Scuba Diving Gear?

Outdoor sports shops, dive shops, and online stores are some of the best places to purchase scuba diving gear.  They stock different types of gears and can also hook you up with a diving instructor. However, to ensure you get genuine mares scuba diving gear, use Amazon. They are trustworthy and handle deliveries promptly.

How we Reviewed

We understand how frustrating it can be searching for the best mares scuba gear that matches your tastes and preferences.  With that, we conducted comprehensive research on the best mares scuba diving gear in the market. Our research was based on comparing the features, pros and cons, price and where to buy the gear to ensure we came up with the best.

Overall Price Range of This Product

Scuba diving gear prices differ according to the type of equipment. For instance, the most affordable mares scuba mask retails at around $50. The fins, wetsuit, and regulator follow closely with each going for $100-150, $200-300 and $300-500 respectively. The diving computer goes for $200-250 while the diving cylinder caps the price at between $400-700.

What We Reviewed

  • Mares X-VU LiquidSkin Sunrise Mask

  • Mares X-VU Sunrise Mask

  • Mares Scuba Regulator Octo Dive Gear

  • Mares i3 Liquidskin Scuba Diving Mask

  • Mares X-VU LiquidSkin Spearfishing Mask

Mares X-VU LiquidSkin Sunrise Mask


Mares are a household name in the manufacture of scuba diving equipment. The X-VU LiquidSkin is one of their best designs. This mares scuba mask has advanced features such as the 2-reverse window tear drop design and wide frame of the windows. They improve your vision by increasing the clarity and field of vision.  

LiquidSkin Technology has been used on the mask to improve comfort. The nose region is padded with small ribs and silicone while the skirt has extra silicone injections. This type of padding of the frame ensures the mask absorbs most shock in the event of a heavy impact or high pressure.

Other notable features include the bi-silicone layer and rubber on the edges of the mask. It improves on comfortability by ensuring the seal has a more soft contact with the face. Since the mask is designed for people with wide faces, it has ergonomically designed straps that are easy and fast to buckle.


  • Over 40% softer contact with the face
  • The nose pocket is easy to reach-it helps improve regulation of ear pressure
  • The seal around the edges is comfortable and secure
  • The strap is over 250% elastic ensuring it applies less pressure to the frame when buckled


  • It might not be suitable for people with other face types apart from wide faces


This product retails on Amazon for around $65.

Where to Buy


Mares X-VU Sunrise Mask


The sunrise masks are an evolution of masks from the norm of a single window and tight straps. The X-VU Sunrise mask is the perfect mares scuba mask for beginners. It is designed with quality material such as silicon on the frame and rubber on the edges.

These materials ensure the least amount of pressure is applied to the face. The rubber acts both as a seal and buffer. In case of shock waves, it absorbs them and also prevents the entry of water.

The X-VU Sunrise Mask utilizes Tri-comfort technology that increases the comfortability of the mask even under high pressure. The region between the frame and skirt, just above the nose has small ribs that are used to redistribute the pressure exerted by the frame. This ensures you are not left with face marks after prolonged use of this mask.

The very elastic strap is shaped in an X manner which minimizes the time used to don the mask. It also helps the mask attach itself tightly to the face thus ensuring it does not detach itself under high pressure. The strap is held onto the mask by robust 2-button buckles on both sides of the frame. The 2-button design greatly reduces the possibility of the mares scuba mask unbuttoning under water.


  • The tempered glass lenses are very strong and can hold their weight in the water under high pressure
  • An easy to access nose pocket helps in relieving ear pressure
  • The placement of buckles ensure more pressure is applied on the skirt rather than the frame


  • It is not very durable
  • The design is not as stylish as other masks
  • Lacks an optical lens which limits its clarity


It retails at around $50 on Amazon.

Where to Buy


Mares Scuba Regulator Octo Dive Gear


This package comprises of a primary regulator, octopus, 1st stage, low-pressure hose, and high-pressure hose. The 1st stage of mares scuba masks is well-connected to the primary regulator, octopus, console and low-pressure hose. This ensures air flow is constant and at the right pressure. The 2nd stage, on the other hand, incorporates a superior mesh grid design, so you do not have to worry about free flow even under high currents and pressure.

Vortex Assisted Design has been used on the primary regulator to ensure you breathe efficiently under extreme underwater conditions. The regulator also has an orthodontic mouthpiece that is ergonomically structured to fit most mouths.

The secondary regulator, also called the octopus, is used as a back up to the main regulator. It has similar features to the main regulator, except that it is longer, colored in yellow and has a less advanced mouthpiece. Another important function of this mares scuba regulator is the nitrox compatibility limit. The main regulator can handle the maximum compatibility of a nitrogen and oxygen mixture thus greatly reducing the risk of decompression sickness.


  • The primary regulator is highly resistant to free flow
  • You can choose between the premium octopus or the regular octopus package
  • Diving experts laud its reliability


  • The accessories required are expensive
  • The crucial diving console that monitors the depth, pressure, and temperature is sold separately


On Amazon, the regular Octo retails at around $330 while the premium Octo retails at around $430.

Where to Buy


Mares i3 LiquidSkin Scuba Diving Mask


Mares i3 LiquidSkin Scuba Diving Mask is the perfect match for divers who appreciate a broad view. It has a wide central lens that is accompanied by small lenses on the sides. This ensures the view on your periphery is equally matched by the one at the front.

Tri-comfort technology on the skirt and seal of this mares scuba mask ensures comfort is kept at a high. There is a layer of high quality rubber on the entire seal while silicone is used on the skirt. This promotes soft contact with the face. On the other hand, the frame’s wide position allows equal distribution of pressure to the skirt and nose pocket.

Buckling the X-shaped strap has been made easier by using two buttons that lock instantly when pressed. The design also ensures divers with thick gloves can work on the buckles with relative ease.


  • The wide lenses offer a wide field of vision
  • A simple and easy-to-use mares scuba mask
  • Very comfortable due to the use of tri-comfort skirt design


  • More suitable for wide-faced people
  • Reduced clarity of the wide lens
  • Such a wide frame can easily accumulate fog in cold temperatures


This product retails on Amazon for approximately $70.

Where to Buy


Mares X-VU LiquidSkin Spearfishing Mask


The technologies used on the Mares X-VU LiquidSkin Spearfishing Mask are a wide vision, lightweight and reduced internal volume. The wide vision of the mask is enabled by two wide tempered lenses. They have a reduced distance between them which increases the width of the field of view.

The reduction of internal volume on the mask enables it to be less buoyant. This means the mask does not offer much resistance when the diver is sinking to spearfish. Reduction in internal volume also ensures the seal is tight and comfortable. In the event of strong currents, the mask will not detach itself from the face.

Strapping this mares scuba mask has been made easier through the use of a highly elastic strap and fast buckling technology. With the push of two buttons, the strap is firmly buckled to the frame. The buckles are also well placed on the skirt to reduce the pressure applied by the frame to the face.


  • The dark color of the mask provides anti-glare properties
  • Works efficiently in cold weather
  • Improved comfort due to a lightweight frame
  • Wide lenses that increase the field of vision
  • The snorkel used as an accessory matches the high quality of the mask


  • You purchase the snorkel separately
  • The mask is not very appealing


On Amazon, the mask retails at around $65 while the snorkel goes for approximately $25.

Where to Buy


The Verdict

Scuba diving is a fun activity; you get to view different life forms and structures in the water. To ensure you get the most out of scuba diving, you need proper gear. Mares is the leading manufacturer of scuba diving gear that fits your tastes and preferences. Their gear is comfortable, reliable and comes at an affordable price.

In our opinion, the Mares X-VU LiquidSkin Sunrise mask is the best for scuba diving. The use of LiquidSkin and Tri-comfort technology makes the mask very comfortable, safe, easy to use and reliable. Also, the large tempered lenses are sturdy and provide a wide field of vision. However, the mask was more suitable for people with wide faces.

For beginners, we recommend the Mares X-VU Sunrise Mask. It has a simple build that helps you learn how to use mares scuba masks efficiently.

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