For underwater and diving enthusiasts, you want to share what’s going on each time you go for a dive. A waterproof phone case is one of the many products you should invest in. This is especially true if you plan on bringing your smartphone on diving excursions with you.

A phone case protects your smartphone from the elements. The best cases are touch-sensitive. This design means even if you’re wearing diving gear, you can utilize the phone. Phone cases also allow you to stream, share and snap photos when you’re underwater. Many people want to share what’s going on underwater when diving. To do this you could bring a smartphone along for the dive. You don’t have to avoid sharing your diving adventures. With the proper equipment, you can Stream, share, snap, chat, and engage underwater.

Waterproof Phone Case Comparison Table

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Choosing the Best Waterproof Phone Case

When purchasing a new waterproof phone case, you should look for those that are feature rich. A case that is compatible with multiple phones, easy to use, and lightweight, are some features to look for. Divers also have to consider where they’re diving and at what depths. These factors will dictate which phone cases provide greater protection than others. No matter which phone you are diving with, a protective case is essential to keep it safe underwater.

Features of the Best Waterproof Phone Case

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Before choosing a new waterproof phone case, divers have to consider several products. The best cases are capable of protecting phones at deep diving depths and in salt or fresh water. Additionally, they’re easy to access and have enough space to store other items inside of them. When selecting the best waterproof phone case, these are some features to look for as a diver.

Phone compatibility

A universal waterproof phone case is a good option for divers to consider. Whether diving with an Android or iPhone, these cases will protect the phone.

Some cases provide larger compartment spaces. This design allows owners to bring credit cards or an ID along with them as well. Some cases are specifically for the iPhone or different Android phones. A universal case is a good option for those who want to protect either while having extra storage space. For people who upgrade phones often, this is also better than buying a case that only fits one phone.

Zipper closure quality

Whether it is a zipper closure or fastener, this piece is imperative to keeping the phone dry. If it allows any air to seep in, the phone is likely to suffer some level of damage. When choosing a phone case, look for those with seal tight closures. A snap and lock closure system is a good option as these are airtight and prevent water from penetrating. A twist and lock mechanism is also a good option to consider. The tighter the seal, the less likely water will penetrate the waterproof phone case.


For those who choose to take their phone diving with them, the waterproof phone case they choose must be buoyant. The last thing divers want is for their phone to sink to the bottom of muddy or deep waters. That’s especially true in areas where there’s limited lighting around them. Buoyant plastics or lightweight materials are the best options when choosing a waterproof phone case. They’re easy to carry, lightweight, and will remain afloat if owners “drop” their phone.

Whether divers prefer a hard or soft case, there are several buoyant materials from which to choose. Look for cases that can bounce back on their own to avoid losing them underwater.

Waterproof Depths

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Like diving watches and other waterproof products, waterproof phone cases are only waterproof to certain depths. The material, quality, design, and other factors, will dictate how deep divers can go with different cases. Some cases can reach depths of up to 333 feet, while others don’t offer as much range. Depending on where owners are diving/swimming, the depth to which cases are waterproof is an important factor to consider. Make sure to choose a case that can keep smartphones dry, no matter how deep the waters are.

Lanyard strap to avoid losing the phone

A lanyard is another nice feature to look for in waterproof phone cases. This feature allows owners to keep the case close by and avoid losing it. They can place the lanyard around their neck when diving to record underwater. Or, divers can tighten a lanyard to wrap around their wrist to take photos. Regardless of how they’re utilizing the phone underwater, this feature helps owners keep their phone close by. It’s a nice addition to a waterproof case, to prevent losing a smartphone underwater.

Touch sensitivity

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What good is a waterproof phone case if owners can’t use it underwater? Another feature to look for is touch sensitivity. It should easily allow divers to take photos, shoot video, or answer a call. If they can’t use the phone while it’s in the case, it’s basically pointless to have it with them. So, consumers should look for cases that are sensitive and one that users can navigate when wearing diving gear.

Average Prices of Waterproof Phone Cases

Waterproof phone cases are fairly affordable. Because there are so many to choose from, the pricing of these products is competitive. Most cases cost $5 to $50 for higher-end cases. Sites like Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, and other online retailers carry multiple options.

The Best Waterproof Phone Cases

These are some of the best waterproof phone cases to protect phones that allow owners to navigate them underwater.

JOTO Waterproof Phone Pouch

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iThrough Underwater Case

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OtterBox Dry Box 3250

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Finding the Best Waterproof Phone Case for You

When engaging in diving or underwater activities, many people choose to bring their smartphones with them. From taking pictures to live-streaming underwater, many people like socially sharing their activities. If you choose to do so, the best waterproof phone case is worth the investment to protect your phone. In addition to keeping it dry, many cases are sensitive to touch. This design allows users to snap photos, share, and otherwise use their phones underwater.

If possible, the best option is to leave your phone on shore when going diving. Not only to prevent damage but also to prevent losing it underwater in compromising diving situations. For those who simply can’t miss out on the opportunity to share what they’re doing, there are protective solutions. Protective cases and pouches help keep phones and other electronic devices safe and dry underwater. Of course, some products are superior to others. Therefore, consumers should consider the products with the highest ratings when deciding on a new case.

No matter whether you own an iPhone or Android device, there are several great universal cases and pouches. These are some of the features to look for when deciding on the best waterproof phone case. The best products allow you to share more while protecting your smart devices underwater.

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