Recreational diving is one of the most enjoyable pastimes on Earth. With a waterproof MP3 player, it can also be one of the most relaxing. The rise of affordable technology has turned diving into a hobby that practically anyone can take part in today. Making sure you have the right MP3 player will take your dive to the next level. Imagine scuba diving around the magnificent coral reef, or swimming with a school of dolphins while jamming out to your favorite tunes. What could be better than that?

Waterproof MP3 Player Comparison Table

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Diving with a Waterproof MP3 Player

The waterproof MP3 players of today are no longer strictly made for swimming pools. These versatile devices are now capable of braving the depths of the ocean itself. Originally, waterproof audio devices like cassette players and CD players were developed to survive a tumble into the pool or for use in the bathtub. Eventually, with the creation of MP3 players, they were upgraded to handle being fully submerged. Now a waterproof MP3 player can be used by a scuba diver with as much ease as a swimmer or someone taking a shower.

If you’ve ever spent a lot of time diving, you’d probably agree with the fact that there is hardly anything more surreal than being deep under the surface and taking in the exotic scenery. Doing so with your favorite music makes the dive even more incredible.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Waterproof MP3 Player

Here are several things to consider before purchasing of a waterproof MP3 player.

Waterproof rating

The level of waterproofing of a device is crucial. If you plan on using your MP3 player in the shower, a slight degree of water resistance will do. If you plan on swimming laps in the pool, you will need a waterproof rating between three to ten feet. For scuba diving, a waterproof rating of 20 to 200 feet will be necessary.


Extra features are an essential aspect to consider in any MP3 player, waterproof devices included. Shuffle is one of the most critical functions for diving with an MP3 player because you will want your hands as free as possible. Having a shuffle feature will allow you to enjoy a nice mix of songs instead of hearing the same stuff in the same order.


Another critical consideration to make before purchasing a waterproof MP3 player is the size of internal memory it has. If it doesn’t have an extensive memory, you won’t be able to have a massive playlist. Another thing to look for is if the device works with micro SD cards for additional data storage.

Battery life

The battery life is one of the most important aspects to check into when it comes to waterproof MP3 players. The last thing you want to deal with is your device dying on you thirty minutes into your dive. Make sure to find out not only how long the battery lasts, but how long it takes to charge and if it is replaceable.

Price Range

Depending on exactly how waterproof of an MP3 player you are expecting to purchase, the price will vary. A cheaper waterproof MP3 player rated for 10 feet of water can cost as little as $40. However, more expensive models rated for 200 or 300 feet of water cost closer to $200.

Additional factors which can raise the price of a waterproof MP3 player are the amount of internal memory, radio channels, and extra features like a shuffle option. Some waterproof MP3 players also come with waterproof headphones which will increase the price as well.

How We Reviewed

To build a list of the best waterproof MP3 players of 2018, we flipped the internet upside down and shook out all of the most crucial information available. This search included manufacturer and online retailer product descriptions, customer reviews, buyer’s guides and then some.

We spent a great deal of time sorting through these articles, reports, comments, and videos so that you don’t have to. We compared features, benefits, ratings, warranty options and of course prices. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at what we found.

Top Waterproof MP3 Players

Here is the list you’ve been waiting for, the top waterproof MP3 players of 2018.

AudioFlood Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle

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Customer Reviews

H2O Audio Waterproof Stream MP3 Music Player

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Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle

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Diver DB-10 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player

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BEKER Underwater Smart Wear MP3 Player

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Waterfi 8GB Waterproof MP3 Player

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The Best Waterproof MP3 Player for Diving

The Waterproof iPod Shuffle by Underwater Audio is by far and wide the best waterproof MP3 player around. It comes with all the best features, like shuffle and voice over, a long battery life, and a two-year warranty. Also, it comes with a free audio swim workout download and an iFloatie protective system. These features make up for the fact that this product costs a few dollars more than the average waterproof MP3 player.

Do you own a waterproof MP3 player that wasn’t on our list? Let us know all about it in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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