The death of a loved one is not just a time to mourn. Death also allows us the opportunity to celebrate a loved one’s life. A memorial to that loved one is also an opportunity to show what they valued to the rest of the world. Neptune Memorial Reef is a unique alternative to a traditional cemetery that’s ideal for the burial of a loved one who appreciated nature and the ocean.

What Is Neptune Memorial Reef?

A Unique Memorial

Green Burial

Atlantis Recreated

Neptune Memorial Reef Location

Diver holding a flashlight while swimming underwater

Photo by Mael BALLAND on Unsplash

Location in Florida

Memorial Reef Placement

A South Florida Ecosystem

Neptune Memorial Reef Activities

A diver is swimming with a lot of ocean species

Visiting Loved Ones

Diving and Snorkeling



Many people are turning away from burial traditions of years past. There is a trend toward burial that reflects the lives of those who have passed away while making the world better for others. The green burial movement brings the option of strengthening the environment as well as creating a unique place in the world after death. Neptune Memorial Reef is an example of this new type of memorializing those who have passed on. It’s a life-filled place to remember family members for generations to come. 

Featured Image via Flickr

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